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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 02-23-2016

what's up guys is I from Texas and welcome to another episode of best tech deals of the week we don't have that many UK deals this time around but still some pretty sweet deals so let's go ahead and begin so starting off with some UK deals we have a 23 inch asus monitor with an IPS display going for around one hundred and sixteen pounds the super budget 430 watt power supply from EVGA also dropped in price so if you guys are planning on building a budget PC soon and you live in the UK and this is probably the best deal you can find anywhere staying on the topic of PC gaming I found on r9 380 graphics card that dipped in price and finally stumbled across a nexus 6p smartphone with 32 gigabytes of space going for around 385 pounds jumping into newegg we have a bunch of sweet deals like this 34 inch LG ultra wide monitor that's going for four hundred dollars off right now you get a 2560 x 1440 p display which won't be too hard on the graphics card and it's excellent for productivity we also have a great deal on a two terabyte hard drive that's going for 70 bucks using the code listed below if you've been holding off on buying a power supply that now's your chance you can get a 500 watt psu from EVGA for only 20 bucks you get ten dollars off using the promo code which ends soon and an extra twenty-five dollars in the form of a rebate card from other words the new MSI's e170 a is going for only 80 bucks that also comes with a sweet-looking red mouse from steelseries if you want an extremely tight budget that are looking for a monitor then the LG 19.5 inch monitor is going for only 70 bucks but keep in mind that it's not 1080p instead you get a 1600 x 900 display so if you need it for everyday tasks and web browsing then it's perfect for you if you must have a high resolution this acer g7 monitor is the next best option that's under 100 bucks and this is in 1080p but if you guys want a really badass gaming monitor for the absolute lowest price anywhere in the world then the q knicks 144 hurts monitor is something you guys should check out by now it's only going 470 bucks which is the lowest price available for a 144 heads gaming monitor anywhere it does have a 1.5 millisecond response time which is kind of weird but it's only available until the 25th of this month there was one catch though according to the description it states that the monitor has to be compatible with your GPU so if your graphics card isn't listed on here I guess it won't be compatible with it I never knew 100 is needed to be compatible with graphics cards that's pretty strange finally on newegg we have a corsair h60 cpu cooler going for 50 bucks after a ten dollar mail-in rebate I haven't given much love to Apple users so starting off we have a 12-core mac pro going for 8800 with an instant savings of eight hundred dollars next up you have a late 2015 21.5 inch imac with a retina 4k display you only get two hundred dollars off but regardless it's still a deal finally let's take a look at some amazon deals a 27 inch dell monitor with a quad HD display that's off three hundred bucks currently a Samsung Galaxy Tab s2 that dropped 100 bucks of the weekend and a thermaltake mini-itx cube Chessie's case that's going for forty-eight dollars these last three deals are on games infamous second son is going for twenty bucks on the ps4 Mad Max on the xbox one only is going for twenty-five dollars and finally the Elder Scrolls 3 is going for only six dot seventy-nine cents for PCs that's what the best tech deals of this week as always if you guys enjoyed a series make sure to leave it like and i'll see you in the next video
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