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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 03-01-2016

what's up guys it's like from Texas and welcome to another episode of best tech deals of the week I've been reading your comments this past few weeks and a lot of you guys have been wanting me to do canada deals as well and here's the thing you guys as much as i want to include every single country in this video i can't because the video will be like 20 minutes long and the point of these videos is to be quick and straight to the point and save you guys money so with that being said since my top 3 demographics are us you can canada i will now include UK and canada deals as well however starting today i will go over us deals only in my videos and i'll go ahead and link UK and canada deals that i find down below if you guys are interested so hopefully that will show in the video time and also cover deals that you guys want to see alright so starting up the show we have a huge discount on a camera bundle from nikon five hundred dollars off to be precise you get the nikon d 3333 and 55 to 200 millimeter lenses and a few other extra stuff that include an extra battery pack and a 16 gigabyte memory card this thing shoots pretty crispy 1080p video and if you're on a budget or if you're starting a YouTube channel and this is a deal you should definitely check out I even left a link down below to a video sample using this exact same camera and lens if anyone is interested in checking it out this next deal is on a gigabyte g1 motherboard with an eighty dollar discount and this next deal is actually on a free app called the nice I found that eight inch Windows 10 tablet that's going for only $98 the best part about this deal is that you can actually try this product out before you buy it so you don't have to pay up front if you decide not to keep it if you decide not to keep it just send it back to them using their prepaid label but if you guys interested in checking out the tablet and some other really awesome products up front without any costs I'll drop a link to their app down below jumping over to Amazon you can pick up an acer 28 inch 4k monitor for six hundred dollars at features g-sync and a 1 millisecond response time which is great for gaming I've seen this next monitor a few times on setup wars and Here I am finally featuring it on my best tech deals this is the 21.5 inch HP monitor with a knife display and not so quick seven millisecond response time it's great for productivity not so much for gaming another product I see a lot of on setup Wars is the creative gigaworks t40 speakers I think there's literally one in every episode but if you guys I've sick and tired of seeing this on the show because you were broke and will now here's your chance to pick them up for thirty-eight dollars off one of my personal favorite budget wireless earphones that I featured on the channel before actually has a four dollar off coupon using this code listed on the screen which isn't much but nonetheless it's still the cheapest pairs of earphones you can get right now if your phones aren't your thing the philips SHP 7000 bluetooth headphones are going for 43 bucks off staying on the topic of sound you guys can pick up an awesome waterproof bluetooth speaker for super cheap it dropped in price by 60 bucks and that's pretty crazy the last two items on amazon our games the first up we have infamous second son for the ps4 going for twenty bucks and the new ratchet and clank game which is based on the ps2 game and you say the whopping 11 cents guys probably the best deal in this episode on newegg you can find an hour nine 290x graphics card going for 215 bucks after thirty dollar mail-in rebate and finally a viewsonic 21.5 inch monitor with a 6.5 millisecond response time going for a hundred bucks so that's what the best tech deals of the week if you guys enjoy these weekly deals make sure to leave a like and i'll see you in the next video
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