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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 03-22-2016

what's up guys at that from tech source and as you can tell my voice is back to normal and I just wanna say thanks to everyone who is wishing me to get well soon before I start this really short episode I just want to let you guys know that you can help support the channel only if you want to simply click on the country you are from and bookmark the Amazon link to your page so whatever you decide to buy stuff on Amazon just use the bookmark page and I get a tiny kickback anything I get goes directly back into the channel and I can continue bringing you guys content every single day I don't you guys notice but it's really difficult to pump out videos every single day especially since I'm doing it all by myself but anyway just out I'll let you guys know if you want to help support the channel I really appreciate it if not I still thank you guys for watching my videos so I start off with a really great deal I found on ebay the m50x s are going for only 100 bucks which is ridiculous it sold hundreds of units and there aren't that many left driving to Amazon you can find a decent deal on a pair of 8 gigabytes of ram sticks or 40 bucks which looks pretty badass the 16 gigabyte nvidia shield is still the same price at 200 but you do get a remote with it so that's kind of where the deal is on this one and speaking of remotes the xbox one controller for Windows got a price knock down as well over the weekend all the way down to 43 bucks so if you play games on your PC using a joystick or controller and this is something that might be of interest to you the popular empower wireless bluetooth earphones are going for 26 bucks using the coupon code listed on the screen which is a pretty good discount moving forward we have a PNY 64 gigabyte microSD card slot that's going for twenty bucks and the popular ampa bluetooth speaker that I featured in my top five bluetooth speakers is going for thirty-six dollars this thing is really around 50 bucks and it's not only water and shockproof but it doubles as a power bank that's right guys that has a 1,000 million power power bank built inside that you can use to charge your devices which is pretty cool these next two deals on amazon our consoles first up you have the PS Vita going for 160 bucks and keep in mind that this is the Wi-Fi version this usually goes for 200 bucks so it's a steal right now speaking of consoles we have a one terabyte xbox one bundle that comes with tom clancy's the division which by the way i'm addicted to going for three hundred and fifty dollars you're basically getting a free game with it paulson amazon is this twenty inch viewsonic monitor that's going for only 80 bucks but there's only six left and stock so i don't know if you'll be available by the time you guys watch this video i'm not a really great deal is this 480 gigabyte SSD from a data that's going for 112 bucks and just to give you guys a reference the 512 megabyte 840 pros are going for around three hundred bucks so this is a pretty damn good deal on an SSD finally on amazon you can find a really cheap wireless charger for only twelve dollars finishing up the episode is the popular evo 212 cooler that has a five-dollar bill and rebate which is pathetic to be honest but hey a deal is a deal thank you guys so much for watching as I mentioned in the beginning of the video if you guys want to help support the channel feel free to bookmark one of the amazon links below for your country and just use it to shop on amazon like you normally do it doesn't cost you anything and it really helps support the channel but anyways thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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