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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 03-29-2016

what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to the best tech deals of the week for my UK and Canada followers make sure to check out the links below got some really awesome deals for you guys out there so the first deal i want to share with you guys is this really awesome vacuum by anger it's the quietest vacuum I've ever heard it's super light and probably the coolest thing about this is that it's wireless there is a charging base that you can attach it to that will give you 60 minutes of use in normal mode and the amount of dirt this thing picks up in just a few seconds is crazy the suction power is pretty insane on this little guy it is a two-in-one vacuum which means that you can detach the body and have a handheld version for those super tight spaces this isn't a sponsored video or anything and you just decided to reach out and give you guys a great deal on their awesome vacuums you can get up for nearly thirty percent off using the code on the screen I'll go and drop a link below if anyone is interested alright guys so I'm not a huge fan of refurbished products since everything i buy has to be brand new but I know people out there do so I might go over to really great deals the first one is an unlocked iphone 5c that's going for only 125 bucks it also comes with the ugly-ass Apple k so not a bad deal another great deal you can find on ebay is this refurbished xbox one that comes with three games and 500 gigabytes of space for only 239 it sold more than seventy four percent of its stock so hopefully there are a few left by the time you're watching this video the last two deals on ebay are brand new we have a 55 inch 4k smart TV from Sony going for only 900 bucks with free shipping and a smaller 50 inch from LG going for only 388 but keep in mind that this is 1080p and not 4k we have a bunch of great deals on amazon so imma zoom through it as quick as possible nine dollars on a microsoft wireless mouse 35 bucks on a pair of four gigabyte ram sticks from kingston which is perfect for budget builds an asus strix gtx 960 going for 200 bucks and an HP 21.5 inch IPS monitor for only one hundred dollars you get a 60 Hertz refresh rate but a seven millisecond response time which isn't great for gaming but for productivity and media consumption it's perfect I haven't featured a laptop in a wild in these episodes so this Asus one is not only the best seller on amazon but it's also knocked down on price to three hundred and seventy dollars all the specs are listed on there so i won't go over it to save some time my most favorite power bank that i use religiously every day is also on sale for only thirty bucks and this is the anchor power cord that i take everywhere with me if you only got ten bucks in your pocket and I looking for a really solid bluetooth speaker for the money then this is something you guys need to check out and finally let's take a look at some good deals on games diablo 3 reaper of souls expansion is going for twenty bucks on pc while starcraft 2 is going for only ten dollars both of which are great games running up the episode are a few deals from newegg first up we have the sapphire r9 380 that's going for only 180 bucks after the initial savings and the 15-dollar mail in rebate if you are patiently waiting for a great deal on an SSD well your time has paid off you can pick up a 960 gigabyte SSD from sandisk for only two hundred bucks it's currently one of the twenty dollars off making it one of the best deals on an SSD that I have ever seen newegg is also having a sale on three intel cpus which ends on the second of april the 58 20k 47 ATK and the 46 90 k all are discounted for a limited time we got a pretty sweet 29 inch ultra wide monitor from Samsung that's forty five percent off on newegg flash and a pair of JBL bookshelf speakers for only 44 bucks there are a few more deals being released on the 29th and 30th that I can't see the price on but if you guys are interested in an r 7 360 or even a 24 inch 144 hurts gaming monitor you should probably bookmark this page and check back on these days and i will do it for this week's episode thank you so much for watching as always if you guys want to help support the channel feel free to bookmark one of the amazon links below for your country and you it if you shop on amazon thank you again for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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