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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 04-05-2016

whats up guys its ad from tech source and welcome to another episode of the best tech deals of the week for some reason we have a bunch of really awesome tech deals to go over but also for my UK and Canada followers out there I started looking at a bunch of other places to bring you guys some really good tech deals as well so make sure to check the links below if you're interested starting off with an awesome deal on the galaxy s7 right now you can pick up an unlocked model for two hundred dollars off from newegg the offer does expire on the 9th of this month so be sure to jump on it if you guys have been wanting an s7 for a while another deal that ends on a 9th is this shadow rock to cpu cooler from be quiet that's currently 10 bucks off we also have a rose will f BM 0 1 pc case that's going for only 20 bucks after a ten dollar mail-in rebate and this is the same pc case i used in my $350 gaming build for februari by the way speaking of pc parts the gigabyte gtx 970 is going for two hundred ninety bucks after the twenty-dollar mail-in rebate and you also get a copy of tom clancy's the division for free the plantronics gaming headset for the xbox one and ps4 is going for only thirty bucks using the code listed on the screen that's a total of fifty dollars off of the original price moving over to newegg flash we have a 27 inch aoc gaming monitor with the 144 hurts refresh rate and a one millisecond response time I can almost guarantee that you won't find a better deal on a gaming monitor with these specs anywhere else 220 bucks with free shipping is ridiculous there was one more deal that I can't see the price on it's a sandisk one terabyte SSD and by the time you guys are watching this video we will be available so make sure to check this page for the price if you're interested you guys can find a link to that below popping over to Amazon I found a pair of noise cancelling headphones that are eighty-two percent off which is pretty crazy so I decided to do some research the actual price is not three hundred dollars and instead it's only eight dollars according to their website but it is still around thirty dollars cheaper on amazon so I figured I would include it in this video anyways also an Amazon is the popular mionix naos 7000 gaming mouse that's going for 47 bucks and a bitfenix ATX mid tower case that's ten dollars off the PNY 128 gigabyte microSD card is currently going for thirty dollars but is that a stock currently and more will be coming in on the seven the Sony 65-inch 1080p smart TV is going for almost a thousand bucks with a crazy discount and finally on Amazon is this 15,000 million of our power bank from maschi that's going for only seventeen dollars there's also a bunch of cool tech deals on mastra one of the best headphones out there which are also really expensive are the th X zero zeros that are usually around a thousand bucks if you're an audiophile I'm sure you've heard of these but the reviews pretty much speak for themselves by now 1400 people have purchased this on mass drop and it's currently going for 450 bucks which isn't cheap but it's a hell of a discount from the original price a few more items on mass drop include these t1000 wireless earphones that's going for 25 bucks the roccat myth modular gaming mouse for $90 and this beautiful invention which I still use today the ergo tech freedom arm that's holding up my monitor for this past year strongly recommend this as it's one of the best single monitor mounts you can buy for the money the jaybird x2's are also discounted a mass rob along with the pre onic mechanical keyboard kit now I personally want to buy something like this because for one it doesn't have any letters or numbers and two it's missing a numpad but this isn't a review and there are a lot of people out there that prefers they'll be keyboards like these finally let's take a look at some deals from ebay a one terabyte elite edition xbox one bundle that comes with their overpriced elite controller Sony's 65-inch 4k smart TV that's going for 1549 with free shipping and a Microsoft Surface book that's currently forty-three percent off these things are pricey as it is and the fact that you get over a thousand dollars off is a pretty damn good deal the last item of this episode is the philips SHP 9500 over the ear headphones that's currently hundred bucks off I personally never heard of these so you might want to do some research before pulling the trigger but a deal is a deal for my UK followers out there amazon is having a one-week special on pc gaming gear from the fourth of april to the 10th from gaming laptops two monitors accessories pc parts and even routers just make sure you set a limit before clicking on the link because you can go broke easily I'm serious come up with a limit first as always if you guys enjoy his weekly tech deals please hit that like button as it does help the channel out a bunch thing guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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