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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 04-12-2016

what's up guys it's ed from Texas and welcome to another best tech deals of the week video for my UK and Canada followers got some Willie juicy deals for you guys make sure to check out the links below so the always thinking more time let's begin starting up with some dope deals on amazon we have a 48 inch 4k TV going for 500 bucks the jaybird x2's are also discounted from the original price of 150 although this only applies to the red color if you looking for parts for your next PC then you should pick up these PNY ram sticks for only 38 bucks now if you guys can get a gigabytes of ram sticks under forty dollars they knew our golden a data is also having a massive discount on their awesome SSDs you guys can now get a 960 gigabyte SSD for only two hundred and twelve dollars most popular Brandon SSDs out there with the same storage size tend to be more than two hundred forty bucks so this is a steal the canon powershot g9 camera is also discounted now i don't really know how great the quality of the camera is but based on the reviews it's not a bad point and shoot the xbox one is back again for like the fifth week in a row and you guys can pick up a 500 gigabyte quantum break bundle for the same price as the regular xbox one this bundle also comes with an extra game Alan Wake for the 360 so not a bad deal overall staying on the topic of gaming rise of the Tomb Raider for the Xbox one is going for thirty-five dollars and twenty-six cents whereas tom clancy's the division dipped in price of the weekend as well 241 dollars and sixty four cents on g 2 a which also has a ton of great deals on games a few awesome deals on newegg i came across is this gtx 980 TI going for five hundred forty bucks after eight thirty dollar mail-in rebate and the RMA 50 i power supply from corsair that's going for only one hundred dollars after eight thirty dollar mail-in rebate as well we got a ton of great tech deals once again on mass drop so i'll try and zoom through these as fast as possible first up is a pretty dope looking aluminum head stand that will clean up pretty much any desk set up we also have the super popular yet pricey gaming chair from bx racer going for three hundred sixty bucks and an extended mousepad going for only fourteen dollars speaking of mouse pads you'll need an awesome gaming mouse to put on top of it well look no further guys because the roccat tie on gaming mascot featured on mass drop and it has the lowest price unlocked coming in at 70 bucks but there is only one day left finally we have the bear dynamic dt 880 s going for 215 which still has potential to unlock the lowest price of 205 once 10 people commit to buying the headphones but finishing up the episode are these total beach px4 is that are going for 65 bucks and a nicer 20 3.8 inch frameless monitor for only 100 bucks that I mentioned it's frameless but I'll do for this episode thank you guys so much for watching as always for my Canada and UK followers make sure to check the links below for some awesome deals for your country then guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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