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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 04-19-2016

alright let's be real last week's UK deals were complete ass so I spent half the day looking for other sources for some great UK deals that I found two awesome websites so this week we have some really awesome Canada and UK deals as well as us deals and you guys can find the links to all of that down below so without wasting any more time let's go and start the show starting off the show we have two amazing deals on tvs the first one being a 55 inch 4k sony tv going for 899 which already has sold over sixty four percent of stock the second one is also a 55 inch 4k TV but it's curved and it has a huge discount that's currently going for 1375 and I'm pretty sure that's the lowest price I've seen on a 55-inch curved 4k display jumping into gaming gear we have the msi gtx 980 TI golden edition that's going for five hundred and forty six dollars and that's because you get a ten percent discount using the code on the screen and an extra thirty dollars and a male and rebate also you get a free copy of tom clancy's the division if you've been wanting a 980 TI for the longest time now is your chance to pull the trigger because it does expire on the 20th if you have a much smaller budget the EVGA gtx 960 is going for only a hundred and seventy dollars after a twenty-dollar mail-in rebate and also get a copy of rise of the Tomb Raider for free as well and finally the last PC component on newegg as the EVGA 650 watt power supply that's going for sixty dollars after a twenty-dollar mail-in rebate as well as I mentioned before I'm not a huge fan of refurbished products but the logitech z five or six speakers are going for only thirty eight dollars which makes it a pretty hard deal to refuse there are a bunch of great deals on amazon this week like the courser air 240 case that's going for 68 bucks the xbox quantum break bundle once again still at 299 and the Logitech G 230 headset that's also still at forty dollars back to TV deals real quick there was a 65-inch 4k smart TV going for fourteen hundred dollars and this is actually the TV I was using before I replaced it with my lg tv the turtle beach ear force DP Elevens are going for thirty four dollars and check this one out guys the corsair vengeance c70 case has been secretly discounted to $58 thanks to someone on reddit posting about it the dell 27 inch gaming matter is also going for four hundred ninety dollars which is a bit pricey but you do get a 144 hurts refresh rate one millisecond response time and g-sync compatibility a few deals on mass drop include a pair of em 10 speakers going for $90 which will look bomb with any black or white set up the mic clip is also featured on mass drop and it's a fully reversible micro USB cable and it's going for only fifteen dollars attention to every one that has laptops setups we have a desk mount for laptops now I'm not really sure how practical that is typing like that but is there if anyone wants to check it out and finally the me onyx caster RGB gaming mouse is on master up as well for $57 which by the way is currently my main mouse yep i pretty much covered in my MX master and now I'm using this for gaming and productivity I highly recommend it so those are the best deals for this week as always Canada and UK deals are listed down below thank you guys so much for watching and as always if you enjoyed it make sure to leave a like and I'll see you in the next video
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