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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 04-26-2016

what's up guys that from tech source and welcome to another episode of the best tech deals of the way yeah that's tech deals of the week this week we have a bunch of awesome deals for all of us UK and Canada so make sure you guys check all the links below let's go ahead and start this episode so starting up the show we have this a fun toy gaming headset that's compatible with pc xbox one and ps4 if you put in the code listed on the screen you can get this headset for only eight dollars and ninety-nine cents which is a pretty damn good deal next up is a bass-heavy bluetooth speaker from Innotech that's going for only twenty dollars using the code listed on the screen again and finally a pair of symphonies drm earbuds as going for only ten dollars and eighty-nine cents by once again using the code on the screen if you've been in search for a quality monitor then look no further the acer 23.6 inch monitor is going for only one hundred and ten dollars and it features a 5 millisecond response time and a 60 Hertz refresh rate which is decent for gaming speaking of gaming we have a coarser m-65 RGB mouse that dipped in price 250 bucks and a thermaltake core v31 mid-tower case that's ten dollars off and the BitFenix micro ATX case for $85 and five cents this deal only applies to white and black but the black version does not have a clear side panel and finally on amazon we have a really awesome deal on a gtx 750ti that's going for only $85 after a twenty-dollar mail-in rebate if you're building a budget PC I would jump on this right now on newegg you can find a cursor k65 RGB keyboard going for only seventy dollars after a mail-in rebate but keep in mind that this is for a refurbished product there's also a two terabyte hard drive from seagate that's going for 60 bucks using the code listed on the screen if you want a ps4 you can now buy a one-year PlayStation membership for ten dollars less than the original price so you might want to stock up on this since there's only five days left in ASU's 15.6 inch laptop on ebay is going for two hundred dollars which is a great deal considering the other laptops with similar specs you won't find anything similar for around two hundred dollars in fact the same laptop goes for 235 on amazon now this isn't a tech item obviously but I came across this badass crossbow while shopping around and it's currently going for four hundred twenty dollars so i thought i'd share this with you guys on newegg flash we have a 21.5 inch dell widescreen monitor going for 110 dollars and check this one out guys a full computer package for only a hundred and fifteen dollars now while i'm against pre-built pcs this actually doesn't seem like a bad deal even though it's refurbished you get a monitor keyboard mouse and a system for only 115 bucks obviously don't expect to play crysis 3 on it or anything but if you've been looking for a full pc package for school or work and this might be something you want to look into finishing up this episode we have some deals on mass drop again like these pair of earphones that are going for only eight dollars eight dollars for earbuds the popular carbon fiber skins from the brand which I rock hard and my videos are also on sale for fifteen dollars which gets you three packs of skins for any of the devices listed below and finally the last product featured on master up are these beyerdynamic dt 990 headphones which are going for two hundred and twenty dollars that is a for all the deals for this week as always if you guys enjoy these series make sure to leave a like so I can continue to do these every single Tuesday for my Canada and UK followers make sure you guys check out the links below for your countries then guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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