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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 05-03-2016

whats up guys its ad from Texas and welcome to another best tech deals of the week video as always for my UK and Canada followers make sure to check out the links below for some awesome deals let's go and start this episode so I have to start this episode by sharing this amazing deal on the 6700 kid check this out guys you can get your hands on the new 6700 k skylake processor for only three hundred and ten dollars and this thing has been selling like crazy if you guys I've been following me on Twitter then you most likely saw me tweet this deal yesterday so if you're watching this a few days later then it might be already sold out let's go to bang out a few amazon deals real quick we have the popular anchor sound core that's going for thirty dollars and i put this in here because it might be back in stock by the time you're watching this video if it's available you might want to snag it since the normal price is around sixty dollars the aki earbuds are going for ten dollars and ninety-nine cents using the code listed on the screen but please keep in mind that if the code doesn't work then it's most likely expired and finally on amazon the razer deathadder chroma mouse is also discounted all the way down to fifty dollars moving over to newegg you have the refurbished courser k65 RGB keyboard going for 110 dollars a seagate two terabyte hard drive going for sixty dollars using the code listed on the screen and the noctua and HD 14 cpu cooler for 75 dollars which ends on the 7th of may the msi gtx 960 is going for 180 after a twenty-dollar mail-in rebate that also comes with a copy of the rise of the Tomb Raider so a lot of you guys have been asking me what a mail-in rebate is and it's basically another form of a refund let's see if there's a forty dollar mail-in rebate on a specific item if you buy that item they will send you forty dollars in a form of a debit card or a gift card so you can use it to buy stuff so that is what a mail-in rebate is we have a good deal on RAM sticks as well fifty dollars for two sticks of a pica bytes of RAM precursor not bad finally the last item on newegg is the be quiet pure rock cpu cooler that's going for only 25 dollars which also ends on the 7th of a a few more awesome deals I found on newegg flash or this roseville mechanical gaming keyboard that's going for only 50 bucks a 28 inch 4k monitor with a 5 millisecond response time and a 60 Hertz refresh rate going for only 290 and a 27 inch free sync monitor with 144 hurts refresh rate formula second response time going for 550 if you guys I've been looking for a solid dual monitor mount for your displays then you should snag this one right now because you won't find a cheaper option anywhere else and these are usually going for around fifty bucks minimum I'm a strap you guys can find a pair of amazing quality earbuds from high five man going for thirty-five dollars and a pretty cool looking aluminum stand for smartphones and tablets for only thirteen dollars that will definitely spice up your setup wrapping up the video we have two other great deals on ebay first up is a ps4 500 gigabyte bundle that comes with the black ops 3 that's going for only 320 bucks and a 5 meter RGB LED strip or they remote that's going for only seven dollars so you guys have been dying to get one for your setup now is the time to snag one so those are all the deals for this week as always you guys enjoyed it make sure leave a like and for my Canada and UK followers mixture check out the links below for you guys thanks so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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