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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 05-10-2016

what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to another best tech deals of the week video surprisingly we don't have any GPU deals this week even though nvidia announced their 1080 and 1070 GPUs but i think we'll most likely see those deals in the next few weeks so make sure you guys are subscribe to the channel so you don't miss out on some amazing graphics card deals starting off let's take a look at some really great deals on ebay first up you have an xbox one system that's selling like hotcakes it's going for only 195 but keep in mind that is refurbished uncharted 4 pre-orders are going for ten dollars less than retail only on ebay so if you guys I've been wanting to get your hands on one make sure to snag it right now I actually cancelled my pre-order on amazon and bought this one just to save that extra 10 bucks next up we have probably the best deal in this entire video we have a motherboard and cpu bundle you get the 6700 k and a gigabyte Z 170 board just for 389 dollars keep in mind that the motherboard goes for around one hundred twenty dollars and the CPU goes for around 350 so instead of paying 466 dollars you're only paying 389 so you're basically saving $77 going with this bundle and finally on ebay we have a dope deal and a macbook for all of my Apple users out there the 13.3 inch macbook pro with retina display is going for 1,200 bucks which has a $300 price cut we all know that finding discounts on apple products is almost impossible so this one is definitely a good find not that many deals on amazon this time around we do have an LG 34 inch ultra white monitor that's going for eight hundred dollars and this is the monitor I used for about a year on the channel without any complaints we also have a corsair 750d full tower case that's going for 95 bucks and I've never actually heard of this website but apparently they have a sweet deal on a real cat cone mouse and a chrome sense mouse pad for only 25 dollars so not bad on newegg we have the asus 28 inch 4k monitor that's discounted to 430 dollars a 34 inch ultra wide monitor from AOC that's going for five hundred seventy bucks which is actually cheaper than the LG ultra wide monitor I just mentioned and finally I newegg a pretty cool deal on a 480 gigabyte SSD PNY that's only a hundred dollars speaking of ssds we have a 512 gigabyte SSD from sandisk going for a little bit more on newegg flash and a triple monitor arm from roseville that can support 3 26 inch monitors that's going for 160 dollars wrapping up the video let's take a quick look at some deals from mass drop the roccat nith MMO gaming mouse is going for $90 a super tiny drone is going for around thirty dollars and the kanto u5 speaker system is seriously discounted down to two hundred seventy bucks and lastly my personal favorite monitor arm that i use for myself is actually going for sixty dollars and this thing is usually around ninety dollars so you would be saving about twenty bucks if you were to pick it up from mass drop instead that's basically it for all the deals a really short episode this week but for my UK and Canada followers make sure you guys check out the links below to find some really dope deals for you guys it's basically a thing I so much for watching as always leave a like if you enjoy this series and I will see you in the next video
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