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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 05-17-2016

what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to another best tech deals of the week video as usual my UK and Canada followers make sure to check out the links down below let's go inside the episode so on Amazon you can find a bitfenix tower for 50 bucks which is available in white and red and also black and blue a two terabyte my passport external hard drive is going for $75 for a limited time and it says that it's for the Xbox one but it can actually be used for the mac and pc as well the Logitech G 230 drop in price again by 20 bucks and the Asus 28 inch 4k monitor with a one millisecond response time is going for five hundred and twenty dollars not much of a discount but still a deal regardless speaking of Asus the final deal on amazon is a 27 inch 2560 x 1440 p gaming monitor with a 144 hurts refresh rate and a 1 millisecond response time that also features free sync and that's going for three hundred ninety dollars this is one of the best deals currently in this episode jumping to newegg real quick you can find a 480 gigabyte SSD from ocz that's going for only a hundred dollars and i am the a-10 7870 k cpu bundle that comes with a gigabyte f 2 88 x board and 16 gigabytes of ram from courser all for two hundred forty dollars so if you've been wanting to start on a fresh new budget bills that this is definitely a nice start keep in mind that the 7870 k has an integrated graphics chip so you technically don't need to buy a separate graphics card but just don't expect to do any hardcore gaming with it and finally on newegg the msi gtx 960 has dropped its price again down to 145 dollars with a twenty-dollar mail-in rebate on newegg flash there's a 28 inch 4k monitor that's going for 279 dollars which is the lowest you will find on a 4k monitor of that size I mean sure it's from an unknown manufacturer but that price though the ozzy ok be 5050 you keyboard is going for only twenty dollars that comes at three backlit LED options red blue and purple and finally you can find the refurbished coolermaster hyper 212 oh that's going for only twenty dollars and an ipad pro 12 point nine inch that's a hundred sixty five bucks off right now which has sold over seventy seven percent units already if you guys miss the amazing deal on the 6700 k from last week's episode its back on ebay for two hundred eighty dollars the full retail price on the cpu is 350 bucks just by checking newegg and amazon so you are definitely saving a few pennies buying it from ebay i haven't done a TV deal in a while well now you guys can get a 40 inch 1080p smart TV for only two hundred eighty bucks not a bad deal at all you guys remember to mackay see our four speakers that keep popping up in setup Wars well now you guys can pick one up for 115 bucks only on adorama these usually sell for around 150 bucks so you would be saving around $35 finally let's check out some deals on mass drop as usual the AKG k 7 x.x red edition headphones are back for an incredibly low price of two hundred dollars the me onyx caster is also back our master up which is the mouse i'm currently using for my setup and finally the new 34 inch ultra wide monitors from LG has made it into mass job finally going for only six hundred ninety dollars if a few more people buy it the price will drop down to six hundred and seventy-five bucks but please keep in mind that the retail price on these are around seven hundred and seventy dollars so that'll do it for this episode thing gets much for watching as always you can canada followers make sure to check out the links below for you guys and that's basically a thing I so much watching and I will see you in the next video
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