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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 05-24-2016

what's up guys is that from Texas and it's that time of the week again where we go over some amazing tech deals for the week so as always by Canada and UK followers you guys can check out the links below for your country because I'm only going to be going over the US deals that's going to begin let's go to start off with one of the best deals in this video so right now the xbox one one terabyte console is going for three hundred sixty nine dollars and comes with three games a wireless controller and a fifty dollar amazon gift card now if you were to buy all of these separately it would cost you five hundred seven dollars and sixty four cents so you're basically saving 138 bucks going with this bundle the BitFenix neo case is still discounted at fifty dollars with only 12 left and stock if you've been looking for a wireless keyboard and touchpad for a while then now's the time to pull the trigger because the Cape 400 is now discounted to 23 bucks the samsung tab s 2 is going for 300 bucks which is a hundred dollars off right now I'm not really sure why it doesn't show the discounted price but these go for run four hundred dollars usually and finally on Amazon we have a 22 inch to one second response time gaming monitor featuring free sync for only 110 bucks from viewsonic jumping to newegg you can find a great deal on the occ 480p by SSD that's going for only 110 bucks the antec p50 micro ATX case is also discounted and you can get it for thirty dollars after a twenty-dollar mail-in rebate for only $54 you guys can get 16 gigs of ram from g.skill which is actually the cheapest i've seen anywhere the msi r9 380 that beat the crap out of all the other cards and my top 5 GPUs on our 200 is also on sale today for only one hundred fifty dollars after a mill and we date you also get a copy of ashes of the singularity for free this is definitely a win-win speaking of a beside the gtx 950 is going for only 120 bucks after a thirty-dollar mail-in rebate tis the season for budget builds apparently finishing off from newegg we have a 960 gigabyte SSD from a data going for two hundred dollars or 190 after a ten dollar mail-in rebate what a coincidence the speakers that I recommended in my last ask me video popped up on newegg flash on stay Illuminati confirmed sadly the blue version is the only one that's discounted for only 35 bucks and finally on newegg flash the aoc 34 inch ultra wide monitor is seriously discounted and going for five hundred twenty bucks let's talk ebay for a moment the Seagate two terabyte external hard drive is going for $73 and it's been selling like crazy if anyone is interested in smartphones the Sony Xperia z5 premium is going for six hundred dollars which is currently two hundred dollars off and finally a DJI phantom 3 with a 2.7 k camera and 3-axis gimbal that's going for only 400 bucks that's fifty percent off right now finishing up the episode are some a strap deals first up is the steelseries sensei wireless mouse and then we also have a mionix naos 7000 going for forty dollars so that's where all the deals for this week as always if you enjoy these series make sure to leave a like and for my cat on the UK followers be sure to check out the links down below it's basically a thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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