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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 06-07-2016

what's up guys it's at from Texas and I just want to start off by apologizing for skipping out on last week's best tech deals I wasn't I 14 copy text and didn't have the gear on me but I'm here now so let's get the ball rolling once again so starting out the video we have a great deal on a 24 inch LG monitor that's going for 100 bucks with a fifty-dollar mail-in rebate and then switching to Amazon you can find a pair of 8 gigabyte RAM sticks for only 54 bucks which is a crazy good deal and we also have the Samson go Mike that's going for twenty bucks and it's a great plug and play Mike for anyone that's on a budget and it's constantly on the go also on Amazon is the razer deathadder chroma mouse that's going for only 50 bucks and finally the m50x is which are discounted to 123 dollars which isn't the lowest price I've seen on these but they are much cheaper than the usual 140 dollar price tag shifting gears to newegg we have a 23 inch LG IPS monitor going for one hundred and five bucks and the be quiet dark rock pro 3 cooler that's twenty dollars off newegg is also having this amazing cell where you buy a hard drive and ram sticks and they give you a discount for going with a bundle in my case I get 15 bucks off my purchase of a two terabyte hard drive and a gigabytes of RAM from g.skill this does expire on the tenth of June which is on a Friday so make sure to jump on it if you're looking to upgrade on you make flash we have the GTX 970 that's going for two hundred seventy bucks but please keep in mind that this is a refurbished model but in fact if you guys can hold off on GPU purchases these next few weeks then you will most likely see a bunch of sales going on for most of the high end graphics cards like the 1979-80 and even the 980 TI the Samsung 29 inch curved monitor is going for five hundred and thirty bucks and the perixx gaming mouse that's currently sixty percent off and it's going for only twenty dollars on ebay you can find a 48 inch 1080p TV going for 379 which is just in time for father's day the sony PS Vita is also on sale for 100 bucks and then I came across this waterproof credit card wallet holder which isn't really tech but it's still a great deal for father's day wrapping up the video we have some killer deals on mass drop first up as the freedom arm which I use for my own setup and I just can't get enough of it by far one of the best monitor arms i have ever but now if you guys own a mac book and want some extra ports the five and one display adapter from juiced is going for only thirty five dollars we also have a smart LED bulb that's going for twenty seven dollars and finally if you guys want to get your hands on the RX for 80 or GTX 1070 and 1080 cards they be sure to log in and vote on these cards so that math strap can get them and since it's going on mass job you guys do get it for much cheaper than retail but that will do for this week's tech deals as always you guys enjoy these series make sure to leave a like and if you're from UK or Canada be sure to check out the links below for some deals for you guys then you guys so much for watching and I'll see you next time
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