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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 06-14-2016

what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to another best tech deals of the week let's begin the 6700 k is back on ebay for dirt cheap going for only three hundred ten bucks and it's sold a buttload already so hopefully there is some left by the time you guys are watching this video a few other items on ebay include the dr dre pill speaker that's 80 bucks off currently a sony ps4 controller that's going for 45 bucks and a sony PS vita for 120 dollars GPU prices have begun to drop you guys with ebay having the first cell on the EVGA 980 TI for only four hundred and ten bucks moving to amazon we have some killer deals like the Empire armor Bluetooth speaker that's going for only twenty-six dollars that features a built-in 1000 million of our power bank which I find pretty cool we also have a discount on the Logitech G 230 gaming headset again and i came across the logitech g610 orion mechanical gaming keyboard for $89 speaking of keyboards the CM storm quickfire rapid is also discounted down to 73 keep in mind that this doesn't feature a numpad while the g610 does and finally we have a benq 32 inch quad HD monitor for CAD and animation design has actually discounted believe it or not this normally goes for around six hundred dollars jumping to newegg cells we have the LG 23 inch monitor that's discounted by 70 bucks the acer g6 Series 23 inch monitor for ninety dollars and a western digital five terabyte hard drive for two hundred and twenty dollars if you put in the promo code listed on there you do get an extra thirty dollars off a few newegg flash deals include the boston acoustics sound where speaker system for 206 an LG 27 inch 4k monitor for 570 rosewill desk mount arms for eighty dollars and finally a gaming mouse for only five dollars i don't care how crappy the mouse is that's still a pretty damn good price if you guys won't get your hands on the gtx 1070 card mashup is offering a pre-order on the msi 1070 so make sure you guys go and pre-order if you want one that does it for all the deals think you guys so much for watching as always for my UK and canada followers check out the links below maybe i have some good deals for you guys sometimes i do sometimes I don't it just depends on the week but anyways then guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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