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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 06-21-2016

the time has come ladies and gentlemen the prices of graphics cards are dwindling and we have a buttload of deals so let's go ahead and start the video so starting off the show we have a great deal on a 23 point 6 inch monitor from BH photo going for 120 dollars switching to Amazon give a razor Firefly for 45 bucks steelseries sensei gaming mouse for $35 both of the Logitech headsets are also on sale the g 234 forty dollars and the g for 30 for the same price speaking of logitech the g610 orion is going for $90 and if you guys have been wanting a drone for a while the DJI phantom 3 is currently 124 bucks off and you also get a spare battery with a bundle also the new xbox one slim 500 gigabyte version is now on pre-order for three hundred dollars not really a deal but I thought I'd put this in here anyways prepare your wallets guys because the 980 TI prices have been officially dropped starting off with zotac which is the highest price coming in at five hundred bucks then we have the EVGA classified for five hundred dollars as well and I'm moving down to asus strix which is going for four hundred sixty dollars with a mail-in rebate and then we have the MSI going for 440 with a mail-in rebate a few pretty good deals on the GTX 980 s include the MSI version for three hundred fifty dollars and the gigabyte for 399 if those are sold out there are a few more options on newegg like the eb g a 980 TI that's going for 450 after eight thirty dollar MLM rebate and the zotac variants for four hundred and forty dollars and finally we have a gtx 960 for a super cheap 135 bucks the i760 72 k is also discounted down to three hundred thirty dollars which isn't the cheapest i've seen but it's still a pretty good deal considering the full retail on this is around three hundred and fifty five bucks on newegg flash you can pick up a dark rock pro 3 4 70 bucks and an 8 gigabyte ram stick from my skin for just twenty five dollars and finally wrapping up the video let's check out some deals on ebay we have a pretty solid discount on the LG 34 inch ultra wide going for only three hundred fifty dollars a sandisk 120 gigabyte SSD that's going for 36 and the galaxy note 4 unlocked that's going for 195 which is six hundred and five bucks off and that's because these phones are used with noticeable scuffs and scratches the xbox three game bundles going for only 219 which is a pretty good deal considering it comes with three games and finally a white ps4 controller going for 45 bucks so that is it for all the deals this week for my UK and Canada followers make sure to check out the links below as always if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to leave a like and I will see you in the next video
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