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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 06-28-2016

what's up guys welcome to another best tech deals of the week video let's just jump right into it so starting up the episode we have the new Galaxy s7 32 gigabyte model going for four hundred dollars and it does come unlocked a kingston 240 gigabyte SSD is going for only seventy dollars and has currently sold over 900 units which means that it will be out of stock soon speaking about a stock the PS Vita is going for a ridiculous price only one hundred dollars with more than seventy two percent sold switching over to Amazon we have two really good deals on gaming keyboards first up we have an LED keyboard from DB power going for 21 dollars using the code listed on the screen and a mechanical version for only 51 dollars again using the code on the screen LG's new ultra wide monitor has also dropped in price temporary to eight hundred dollars and we have a 11.6 inch asus Chromebook that's 31 dollars off GPU prices are still at an all-time low you guys can find an EVGA 980 ti superclocked going for a little less than five hundred dollars on amazon also the gigabyte gtx 980 TI extreme is going for only four hundred twenty nine dollars if you count the melon rebate and that's currently the cheapest 980 TI you can buy anywhere right now and lastly the zotac 980 TI is also add 500 bucks jumping down to 98 es i found only two great deals and they are both from msi the first one is going for three hundred seventy bucks with a melon rebate and the armor 2x version is going for a little higher than that for 387 once again after a mail and rebate newegg is also having a pretty cool promotion where you can get a discount off combo purchases basically if you purchase a cpu motherboard and rap sticks you can save up to fifty bucks i'll drop a link to this page below so you guys can have a look if anyone is interested it does however expire on the 30th which is this thursday and finally checking out newegg flash we have some pretty good deals on refurbished items first up are the logitech z 533 speakers going for fifty dollars and the Logitech s 980 speakers for only 15 bucks again keep in mind that these are refurbished lastly on newegg flash is the EVGA gtx 750ti that's going for $90 after a mail and rebate but that will do it for this video thing guys so much for watching as always for my UK and Canada followers check out the links below and I will see you guys in the next video
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