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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 08-02-2016

so a few weeks ago I announced that best tech deals of the week is canceled because I don't have enough time to do that every single Tuesday in fact we have a website now deal source tech where you guys can find all of those deals on a website but all hell broke loose and a lot of dislikes lot of unsubscribing happened so I was kind of confused why people preferred a more video format as opposed to a website which is much more simple you just go on the website check out the deals and then log off and move on with your day a lot of you guys actually enjoy the video formats so here it is I'm bringing it back it's going to be every single Tuesday just like before however my good friend Julian is going to be the one taking over because I don't have the time to do this every single Tuesday I'm focusing more on the website and I'm focusing more on other tech related videos so yeah pretty much you guys get both now the website still there and now you guys get best tech deals of the week every Tuesday so win-win for everyone right anyways that's basically it this is Julian's first time at X or so make sure you guys are nice to him don't give them any crap obviously you will get better as time progresses or as time goes by I think it's always thinking over time Julian go ahead and take it away what's up everyone this is Julian and as ed just said I'm going to be the new host of best tech deals as always check the description for all the links to the deals I mentioned in this video first up on Amazon we've got this acer 27 inch 4k monitor that is just four hundred dollars next there is an LG 34 inch monitor that is more than twenty five percent off right now and running at just four hundred thirty-eight dollars for intent gamers this one millisecond response time monitor is 576 dollars right now jumping away from monitors here's a cool pair of bluetooth headphones with a built-in mic that is currently seventy dollars on newegg they're currently astro a50 s more than fifty percent off right now $90 is certainly a good deal for a wireless headset then there is this one terabyte hard drive from western digital for $73 and next the razer deathstalker keyboard and mouse combo is currently one hundred dollars off ebay currently has this sony 55 inch 4k smart TV for nine hundred dollars next there is this 120 gigabyte SSD from kingston for forty dollars this unlocked 32 gigabyte galaxy s7 for four hundred twenty dollars and lastly this 64 gigabyte iphone 6 for only four hundred dollars however this iphone is for AT&T only that's it for this week as always check out deal source tech for deals like these posted every single day this has been Julian and I will see you guys next time
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