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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 08-09-2016

what's up guys this is Julian and welcome back to another episode of best tech deals make sure to check the description for links to everything mentioned in this video first up we have the very popular Logitech MX master mouse this seems to be the most popular mouse for all tech youtubers and it seems to have made a permanent price cut from one hundred dollars to seventy dollars next you can get this 64 gigabyte unlocked Nexus 6p in any color for just four hundred dollars this very attractive new white xbox controller is ten dollars off right now this controller was made with the Xbox one s but also works on Xbox ones and even Windows 10 the monitor I currently have running my setup is on sale right now for just two hundred and seventy three dollars this 29 inch ultra wide is great if you are not totally into the 34 inch ultra wide or if you are just trying to save a few bucks this little guy is perfect for somebody who is always charging tons of devices for only ten dollars you get a super tidy and compact six in one charging cable the very popular DX racer chair is one hundred dollars off right now in a bunch of different colors this chair will certainly be an upgrade from a regular chair you may have now one of my favorite mechanical keyboards is sixty eight dollars right now unfortunately only the Cherry MX red version is on sale but if that is your style then this is definitely a great Buy arguably the best consumer drone is twelve hundred dollars right now it comes with the 4k stabilized camera attached to it to meet all your crispy filming needs along with multiple camera sensors around the drone to protect it from running into any obstacles jumping over to newegg we have these solid little logitech speakers for only fifty dollars they are refurbished but for fifty dollars this is a great set of speakers that even comes with the subwoofer if you are looking for a budget monitor then this aoc 21 inch monitor may be your best bet it is only 90 right now next up these philips SHP 9500 open back headphones are just $58 so you can save more than one hundred dollars on excellent sounding headphones and finally on ebay we have a few deals starting with this portable USB 3.0 3 terabyte hard drive for 110 dollars the iphone 6s is five hundred dollars right now in this 64 gigabyte model if you don't want to wait for the iphone 7 which will be released sometime next month then this success is your best bet unfortunately this deal is for ATT users only but there are plenty of workarounds to unlock your phone next the gopro hero4 black edition is four hundred dollars this little guy is perfect for filming adventures and putting it somewhere that your big camera could never fit into and for the last deal this LG 34 inch ultra wide is just five hundred dollars hope you all enjoyed this week's episode I'm still pretty new to this so let me know how you like this video by leaving a comment below also you can check out deal source tech for deals like these posted every single day my name is Julian and I will see you guys next time
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