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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 08-16-2016

what's up guys this is Julian and welcome back to another episode of best tech deals make sure to check the description for links to everything mentioned in this video starting us off on Amazon we got this LG 34 inch ultra wide for four hundred dollars this is one of the best non curved Ultra wides out there and it seems to be on sale quite a bit lately staying with monitors this samsung 23 inch is also a great sleek-looking monitor that is on sale right now for three hundred dollars the Amazon tap is currently 115 dollars this guy is a great Bluetooth speaker but also comes with Alexa voice capabilities it is basically a super-sized Siri in a speaker next this Nomad plus battery pack and wall charger is currently running a little less than twenty dollars the Nomad plugs into the wall and acts as a regular charger you can also unplug it for a neat little portable charger this keyboard is my personal favorite and is the one I actually use on my setup the CM storm quickfire features a 10 keyless design which looks modern and compact on a desk this keyboard is currently $67 these noise cancelling earphones from Bose are an excellent pair of comfortable headphones and are definitely worth checking out if you want to upgrade from your stock phone earphones these guys do cost a pretty penny but they are fifty dollars off right now at two hundred and fifty dollars if you are looking for a home entertainment system then this Roku player is worth the look and is currently running at eighty dollars on ebay we only have one item this week which is the 500 gigabyte SSD from Samsung which is running at 130 dollars heading over to newegg this SSD is also on sale for two hundred forty dollars however this one is a one terabyte version from mu Shkin then up next we have this super nice looking Space Gray 27 inch monitor this monitor looks great with the thin bezels and is currently running at four hundred and thirty dollars lastly we have these little bluetooth headphones from blue do these headphones and not only feature a built-in microphone but also a micro SD card slot to load music into all of that for only 45 dollars that's it for this week definitely some cool deals featured today if you want deals like these every day then check out deal source tech for these kinds of deals posted every single day please let me know how you like this video by leaving some criticism in the comments below I'm trying to make these videos perfect and I love to hear all of your feedback my name is Julian and I will see you guys next time
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