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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 08-30-2016

what's up guys this is Julian and welcome back to another episode of best tech deals make sure to check the description for links to everything mentioned in this video today on amazon we are starting off with these excellent set of headphones from sennheiser with more than 500 customer reviews and almost 5 stars you certainly can't deny that these headphones are excellent and today you can find them for just less than eighty dollars for the second item on the list you can get this 27 inch 4k monitor from Acer for you pixel lovers out there this is a gorgeous display you can currently pick it up for four hundred and seventy dollars now is the best time ever to purchase an Xbox one especially with the newly released Xbox one s Xbox one deals have been coming extremely quick you can currently by this special edition 500 gigabyte bundle for 265 dollars this super cool modular keyboard is currently only eighty dollars on Amazon this keyboard is the first that I have ever seen where you can not only switch out the key caps but you can also remove the keys themselves to customize the MX style key switches you prefer if you are in the market for a beautiful large TV than this may be your best bet for eleven hundred dollars you can get this 55 inch 1080p curved OLED display this super thin design with tiny bezels really can't be beat on ebay for you pc builders this intel core i7 is twenty five dollars off right now at three hundred dollars this may be your best time to buy an i7 next these 4-inch two-way studio monitors are ninety-nine dollars right now these are an excellent pair of speakers if you want a flat sound for editing audio jumping over to newegg these great Oh SR 60 e headphones are currently sixty dollars these are on the best sounding headphones you can get for the price these astro a40 wired headphones are $175 refurbished right now definitely still pricey headphones but they are discounted quite a bit and if you are looking for the best gaming headset then this may be your best option anybody who is rocking a fairly large setup knows that this USB hub is a must-have at $33 you can pick up this USB 3.0 10 port hub to plug in all devices you may have lastly you can grab this super simple mechanical keyboard for eighty dollars if you want that mechanical keyboard field but you don't want anything super crazy looking then this is a great choice and at eighty dollars it won't break the bank either those are all the deals for this week for deals like these posted every single day check out deal source tech my name is Julian and I will see you guys next time
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