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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 12-15-15

check out my new shirt guys what's up guys it's at back again from Texas and welcome to another cool tech deals of the week actually I change the title to the best tech deals of the week so that wasting any more time let's jump straight in through this first up from best buy we have a toshiba 55 inch TV that's going for three hundred eighty bucks which is actually one hundred and seventy dollars off right now it's not a smart TV but for the size 55 inches and 1080p it's actually a pretty good deal speed of TVs we have one from LG it's a 43 inch 1080p display as well going for 328 bucks let's move on to some pc gaming gear we have the popular razer deathadder ergonomic pc gaming mouse that's actually down to 40 bucks if you guys want to save twenty bucks on a ps4 controller bestbuy actually has the sony 20th anniversary edition dualshock 4 controller going for 45 bucks on newegg you guys can find Intel's newest 750 series pcie-based SSDs only put three hundred dollars now the original price for this is around 400 so the fact that you get one hundred dollars off is a pretty good deal for monitors you guys can find an aoc 27 inch IPS display on amazon for around two hundred dollars does have a 5 millisecond response time and a 60 hertz for fresh grade which isn't that great for gaming but for productivity and a multi-monitor setup you can't go wrong with these the ripjaws MX 780 gaming mouse from g.skill is actually on sale also for forty dollars but what makes this deal so great is that it actually comes in ram sticks you get one g.skill ripjaws x series 4 gigabyte memory stick if you do purchase the mouse once again the popular cpu cooler is on sale once again the actual price is the same but you get a twenty-dollar mail-in rebate if you guys are looking for a cheap game and haven't played the Bioshock series you can find the bioshock infinite for seven dollars and fifty cents on amazon once again back to g.skill gear we have the ripjaws sv 710 surround sound gaming which actually featured in my cool tech videos and you guys can find this for fifty dollars which is thirty five dollars off right now if you guys are looking for a juicy power bank you can find a twenty six thousand eight hundred million of our power bank with three ports from anchor for 60 bucks you get like forty dollars off right now which is an insane deal if you looking for an external hard drive you can find one from Western Digital it's a one terabyte my passport USB 3.0 as well then you can get it for 57 bucks with free shipping newegg also has the CX 500 power supply which is great for budget builds although the price is the same you do get a twenty-dollar mail-in rebate so that's kind of where the discount is so that's it for this week's best tech deals if you guys enjoy these series make sure to hit that like button and I'll see you in the next video
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