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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 12-22-15

what's happening guys it's that back again from tech source welcome to another best tech deals of the week for my pc gamers out there you're definitely gonna enjoy this one so starting off the list we have an acer 23 inch 5 millisecond response time 1080p monitor with 90 freaking dollars off right now you guys are looking for a widescreen monitor for your setup you won't find a better deal than this right now speaking of monitors the Samsung 30 1.5 inch curved monitor is three hundred dollars off holy for millisecond response time 60 Hertz refresh rate and that sexy curve for only four hundred dollars now that's a steal for anyone that's looking for an affordable laptop this season the asus 15.6 inches going for 390 right now and it sports an i5 5200 you eight gigabytes of ram and an HD graphics 5500 chip kneeling down side is that it's not 1080p and instead you get a 1366 x 768 resolution we also have an anchor at 13,000 million of our power bank going for only thirty dollars which is actually sixty dollars off right now and check this out guys an asus gtx 970 Strix GPU for 326 dot 39 cents you get an extra ten dollars off the original price plus an extra thirteen dollars and sixty cents using the code and on top of all that another twenty dollars off vml and rebate but you have to use this code to get that discount oh and you also get either Rainbow six siege or Assassin's Creed syndicate for free if you buy this GPU g.skill has their new ddr4 ram sticks that trident z-series going for fifteen dollars off right now probably the coolest ram sticks out there if you're going with a silent build you can pick up the fractal design are five for twenty dollars less than the original price of 110 and then there's this awesome deal on a 480 gigabyte SSD for 130 dollars here's another decent deal on a graphics card you guys can get the asus 980 TI Strix for 650 dollars plus an extra nineteen dollars and fifty cents off using this code and another twenty dollars off vml and rebate you also get to choose a free game either Rainbow six siege or Assassin's Creed syndicate for my MP guys out there you can get ten dollars off the FX 8320 processor and another ten dollars off the already discount corsair HX 1000 I CPU plus it comes with a twenty-dollar bill and rebate lowering the price all the way to one hundred fifty dollars and seventy-nine cents from 230 now that is a good deal we have a rose world USB 3.0 hub with four ports going for only ten bucks and a silicon 128 gigabyte of USB 3.0 flash drive for only around thirty dollars but if you put in this discount code you get two dollars and eighty-nine cents off taking the total down to only 26 bucks if you're looking to pick up xbox one console you can get seventy dollars off the Xbox one elite bundle or 170 dollars off the 500 gigabyte chemic bundle with two free games using these two codes for my budget builders out there this is the cheapest pair of RAM sticks you can currently by at the moment for only $32 you get two sticks of four gigabytes with 1600 megahertz anyone else looking for lots of storage can find a seagate five terabyte external hard drive for only 115 bucks on amazon i mentioned geforce cards but didn't really cover any AMV ones well here's a really great deal on an XFX radeon r9 380 for 190 dollars but an extra twenty dollars off vml and rebates as always I keep the best deal at the end of the video ladies and gentlemen you can pick up a vizio 58 inch 120 hertz or case smart TV for around seven hundred twenty dollars using the code big 4k on checkout that's 381 dollars off an amazing TV so that's all the best deals you can find this week everything I mentioned in this video he linked down below if you guys enjoy these series make sure that that like button and I'll see you in the next video
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