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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 12-29-15

2060 is right around the corner which means that there are a lot of really cool year and tech deals so when I put together a list for you guys let's check them out starting off with some amazing price cuts on Amazon sixty-two percent off sennheiser CX 300 earbuds twenty one percent off a 50 inch 4k vizio TV twenty bucks off the popular logitech MX master wireless mouse which is my main mouse that i use for the channel and thirty dollars off of the friends of humorous LED strip that i personally use for my setup by the way this is the LED strips that you can control using a smartphone we also have a 34 inch ultra wide monitor from LG going for five hundred twenty-five bucks it's $75 off and sports 830 for 40 x 1440 p display and a 60 Hertz refresh rate an excellent choice of productivity is your main priority for those who didn't get a chance to play witcher 3 you can now pick up a digital copy for only 25 dollars on amazon unfortunately this deal only applies to ps4 owners if anyone is looking to pick up a beast laptop the asus 13.3 inch zenbook dropped two hundred ten dollars on amazon it has an i7 2.5 gigahertz skylake processor a ridiculous 12 gigabyte of ram 512 megabytes of SSD space and an nvidia GT 9 40 m graphics card with a fresh install of Windows 10 definitely a steal right now on newegg you can find a 23 point 6 inch asus monitor with a 2 millisecond response time 60 Hertz refresh great and a TN panel for only one hundred thirty dollars speaking of monitors for those of you who prefer an IPS panel you can get a 27 inch LG monitor for $175 with a $35 mail-in rebate for TVs we have a 55 inch across 4k TV going for six hundred dollars and Best Buy which is four hundred dollars off right now so let's go to venture off into some gaming gear we have the PDP energizer charging station for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox going for twenty bucks fallout 3 for only two thousand 49 cents for PC and the Air Force X 12 gaming headset from turtle beach for only thirty four dollars lastly we have logitech z 506 surround sound speakers going for 65 bucks that I see a lot of on my setup Wars series so that's it for this week's best tech deal as always leaving a like goes a long way to show your support for the channel and as always thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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