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Best Tech Deals of The Week | 01-03-2017

whats up guys its dead from Texas and welcome to another episode of the best tech deals of the week now i know i've been doing this in a while because of the holidays but now we're back on track so expect to see these every single tuesday on the channel as always make sure you guys check out deal source tech because we do update the website multiple times throughout the day so there'll be a lot more deals on there compared to this video so to actually do in US UK canada and now we're doing germany so yeah that's happening website down below let's begin so starting off the episode let's take a look at some awesome deals on headphones the number one bestseller and the very popular sound choose from bose are going for $90 but if that's a bit too steep for you guys we also have the RS 120 s from sennheiser that are not only wireless but also come with a charging dock as well for 52 dollars and finally for monitoring audio we have the popular m40 axes which are still even till today a solid pair of headphones for editing and mixing music they're also great for media consumption and gaming as well speaking of gaming titanfall 2 has already dipped in price to thirty dollars for ps4 only sorry xbox users and then we've got a 24 inch asus gaming monitor with a 144 hurts refresh rate any one millisecond response time for a very solid price of one hundred and seventy dollars finally on amazon we have a really good deal on a gtx 1080 from zotac for five hundred seventy dollars making this one of the best deals on a 1080 in the market if you guys can find a gtx 1084 under six hundred dollars i would jump on it immediately because it's really hard to find on ebay you can grab the MX anywhere to for only forty nine dollars which is a very solid productivity mouse then there's also a ps4 controller going for ten dollars off and finally a 15.6 inch notebook that's one hundred fifty dollars off on ebay you get a 60 100 skylake CPU clock that two point three gigahertz four gigs of ram and 500gb bite of hard drive space running Windows 10 pro I want to recommend it for gaming but for everyday tasks and media consumption it's perfect jumping over the newegg we can find an awesome deal on the ZTE axon seven mini that's going for one hundred dollars off and we got the ps4 pro one terabyte console going for three hundred seventy dollars using the code listed on the screen so you guys get thirty dollars off then we got a pretty good deal on 16 gigs of RAM for only $68 once again using the code list on the screen finally we have a pretty good deal on a twenty thousand one hundred million of our power bank from anchor for thirty dollars and normally this would go around forty dollars at amazon so still is a pretty good discount so that is it for this episode as always for my UK Canada and Germany followers you guys can find some deals link down below don't forget to check out the website deals or tech thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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