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Best Tech Deals of The Week | 05/25/2017

can't just start the episode and say that I love you guys so much like deep down inside I feel so special you guys are the best honestly the support I've been getting the past few weeks even months it's just been it's been phenomenal and I have another best take views episode and so long and I figured why not I got some content coming up in the meantime I want to ring you guys something because it's kind of been drives XO us for a while you guys ever noticed so yeah so with that said I was on dual source texts checking out some deals and I was like these are actually some pretty damn good deals and I want to share some with you guys so with that said let's start off by taking a look at the extremely popular budget cabling processor that I features and a few of my bills now normally this goes for $64 right now it's going for 57 and 59 cents with free shipping on PC Gamer using the code on the screen gigabyte is letting the Z 270x the Zygon their motherboard go for $170 after a mail-in rebate on new egg which is a crap out of that one and speaking of gigabyte you can now pick up a GTX 1080 for only four hundred and thirty dollars guys that's the cheapest 1080 available in the u.s. right now and just a reference the same car is going for 490 on Amazon so you guys will be saving around 60 bucks if you do pick this up the popular 77 2 K is also discounted to 309 from its original price of $350 so you guys are saving $40 over here I'm not sure who's smoking what but on eBay they put the original price at 400 which obviously is in the case but if this is sold out on eBay you can actually pick it up for $20 more on Amazon which still saves you $20 so not bad the 850 Evo 500 gigabyte SSD is going for $147 which is $22 off of the Amazon price and then we got the Razer BlackWidow chroma keyboard for $100 the retail on this is $170 the do keep in mind that this is refurbished but it does have a 90-day warranty in case something does go along at least now you can buy overpriced gear and not overpay for it but now let's talk some console the Wii U 32 gigabyte deluxe addition which comes with the tender land is going for $200 once again it is refurbished so keep that in mind speaking of consoles the ps4 one terabyte Final Fantasy 15 bundle going for three hundred and fifty dollars are you serious right now the one time I wanted a PlayStation 4 Final Fantasy 15 Edition it goes on sale now I mean where was this deal months ago seriously and finally on eBay we got a 12 month xbox live membership for only $45 and once again for reference this goes for around 55 bucks so you're only saving $10 but hey a deal is a deal now let's look at some few deals on Amazon starting off with the Corsair strafe RGB which is $40 off we got the razor Mamba tournament edition which is going for $70 and no here's a really dope deal on the dell ultrasharp 24 inch monitor which is going through two hundred and forty five dollars guys that's 75 bucks off right now the retail on this is $320 so if you're looking for your super thin bezel 1080p monitor then this should definitely be on your list and then we got the razer kraken pro gaming headset for $43 and once again for reference this goes for $90 on Newegg so you will be saving around 47 dollars if you're looking to upgrade your storage or if you're building a new PC then um back to SSDs are the way to go for your main storage right now it's $30 off and this is actually one of the fastest nvme drives out there up to 3200 megabytes per second right and 1903 is that some crazy fast speeds and finally check this out guys in gtx 1060 from EVGA going for only a hundred and sixty-seven dollars which is the lowest price that steams on any 1060 this usually goes for around $200 so if you're building a budget PC or one upgrade now's the time to snag it so that is it for this episode of BTD hope you guys enjoyed it I know it's been awhile since I posted one of these also make sure a bookmarks deal source subtext because we post deals like these continuously on the website for US UK Canada and even Germany so make sure you guys check back if you love saving tech deals or maybe even bookmark the website if you guys want sometimes you guys will come across a really cool deal that's only there for a few hours so it's all cool to check back once in a while and before I do I want to let you guys know why I have a very special video on Friday coming up for those of you have been following me on the App nice you guys already seen it and I'm sure you're excited too but anyways love you guys I'll see you the next one
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