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Best Tech Deals of The Week | 12-06-2016

guys brace yourselves the holidays are coming which means it's time to spend our hard-earned money that we've been saving this entire year on friends and family even though we don't want to let's be honest rather spend that money and upgrade our pcs but you know what it's not about us it's about friends and family and caring which is why this entire month we're gonna be focusing on deals deals and more tech deals to save you guys a bunch of money for this holiday season also please make sure to bookmark deal source dot tech because we have some exciting new updates coming up this weekend you guys don't want to miss out so starting off with some very limited deals on ebay that are going to expire very soon first up as an Xbox one wireless controller going for thirty-five dollars but keep in mind that this is refurbished staying on the same subject the xbox one slim minecraft bundle is also discounted to two hundred seventy dollars which already has sold over 400 units if you guys have been always wanting to get your friend or family member and iPad for Christmas now here's your chance because the fourth-generation iPad is going for only a hundred and eighty dollars and this is a perfect gift for anyone that's never had an iPad before it sold more than ninety six percent stock so be quick if you guys want to snag this for Christmas the new ps4 slim uncharted 4 bundle is also on sale for the holidays going for only two hundred seventy dollars and speaking of the ps4 the dualshock 4 controller is going for forty four dollars and it sold over 5000 units already if you're shopping around for a solid sound bar this holiday season and the visio sp3 821 has your name written all over it it is a refurbished item but if you can overlook that this is a very solid sound bar that comes with a subwoofer only for 110 dollars now keep in mind that a brand new one goes for close to 140 so you will be saving around thirty dollars on this and finally on ebay is the popular logitech z 506 surround sound speaker system for $43 a brand new set will cost you around seventy dollars so you will be saving around 27 bucks if you pick up a refurbished version instead and by the looks of it it's selling out really quickly now let's dive into some amazon deals first up is the popular blue yeti USB microphone going for $90 which is a very good price considering that these are going for a hundred twenty nine dollars on other sites including newegg so you will be saving a solid 40 bucks on this microphone which is actually one of the best plug-and-play mikes you can buy right now unfortunately this amazing price is only available on the ugly vintage white option speaking of audio gear the popular m40 X's are also on sale for 80 bucks and then from ice we have a few options that steelseries rivals 700 gaming mouse is going for 71 dollars and eighty cents razer diamondback chromophore forty dollars any popular logitech g602 gaming wireless mouse also for 40 bucks i'm personally using the g 900 myself and i'm absolutely loving it right now and it appears to have a slight discount as well which kind of sucks because i pay 250 bucks for mine which is full price but it's currently fifteen dollars off and we'll be in stock mid December last two items on Amazon are the coarser obsidian 350d case that's fifteen dollars off and the alula 87 key mechanical gaming keyboard for twenty-six dollars twenty-six dollars for a mechanical gaming keyboard that's a really good deal even though it's missing a 10-key finishing up this episode are some new egg deals first up is the i5 6600 the locked processor going for 210 dollars using the promo code listed on the site and we also have a few GPU deals as well the power color are x 480 is going four hundred eighty dollars and i guess that's pretty much it i think the other deals expired already sorry about that now here's a really solid deal on the new LG gaming monitor which i just finished making a video on by the way will be up next week on the channel and spoil alert by the way it's awesome the retail on this thing is seven hundred dollars but its twenty dollars off on newegg and it features a hundred forty four Hertz refresh rate and a 1 millisecond response time which is perfect for gaming and you guys have been looking for gaming ultra-wide monitor then this one is definitely worth taking a look at moving on we got the cryo rig h7 cpu cooler going for thirty bucks the corsair k70 luxe RGB keyboard with cherry Browns are going for one hundred forty dollars and finally the asrock z 170 OC is only 217 dollars after a mail-in rebate and it's actually the perfect motherboard for a black-and-yellow build so that is if all the deals if you guys are from Canada or UK make sure to check out the links below for some deals for you guys also germany deals are coming up soon next week make sure you guys bookmark deal source tech if you don't want to miss out thank you guys so much for watching I will see you in the next video
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