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Best Tech Deals of The Week | 12-13-2016

what's up guys it's a from Texas and welcome to another episode of the best tech deals of the week it's actually going to be a very short episode because we don't have that many deals this time around but guys we have some exciting news to share with you the all sorts that tech now officially has germany deals so yeah if you guys are from Germany make sure to bookmark the website check back and if there's a specific source that you guys find deals from for Germany let me know in the comments section because we definitely are trying to find websites or sources to add more deals because it is a new country for us we will be expanding in 2017 as well we're gonna be adding more countries as time goes by so there's a specific country you guys want to see on the website let me know in the comments below also we have a category section yes we basically moved out over from black friday because a lot of you guys enjoyed it you can now basically filter the tech in whatever category you want whether it's displays or gaming pc parts and stuff like that so we are always improving website so thank you guys so much for your feedback let's start the show so starting up the episode we have an insane deal on the sennheiser HD 598 seas that are going for only one hundred and twenty dollars now these are some premium audiophile grade headphones just like the original 598 however these are the closed back version perfect for audio monitoring listening to music and even competitive gaming since you can hear every detail in the game if you didn't get a chance to grab one of the blue Yeti microphones from black friday well here's another chance at them but this time you guys get a free copy of watchdogs two for the pc the wireless razor mama chroma mouse is currently out of stock but if you don't mind waiting a few days you can pick it up for fifty dollars less speaking of mice we have a few other options the logitech g602 is still going for forty dollars which is an incredible price and then we got the courser m65 pros also for forty dollars and finally the steelseries viral 700 for 70 bucks this is something i purchased last year and still use even till today for vlogging and close-up shots and most of my videos in fact i use this exact same tripod for my water-cooled build videos and it's actually helping me a ton to get those really close shots of me putting on the pc parts and stuff about this for twenty-five dollars last year so it's about dollars off right now which is nothing too crazy but if you shoot videos this is definitely a nice and handy tripod to have in your gear list I did do a video on a very solid ultra-wide gaming monitor from LG last week on the channel that's going for 700 bucks but check this one out guys this is also seven hundred dollars but you get a much higher resolution at 30 for 40 x 1440 p and the only difference is that you only get a hundred hertz instead of 144 hurts and an eight millisecond response time instead of one from LG it's also from an unknown korean brand which is why the price is so cheap and it's actually currently discounted because this normally goes for a little over a thousand bucks but if you guys want on a gaming monitor with a high resolution for a long time it then now's your chance also on ebay i found this xbox one slim battlefield one bundle going for 315 dollars which is a perfect gift for the holidays and finally a new egg we have a pretty decent deal on an RX 488 gigabyte variant going for two hundred twenty dollars with a male and rebate but that is a for all the deals for this week as always make sure you guys check back at deal source tech because we upload bunch of deals constantly every single day for UK US Canada and now Germany then guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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