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Best Tech Deals of the Week | 01-10-2017

what's a bad zit semtex tourists and welcome to another episode of the best tech deals of the week let's not waste any more time and jump right in so we have a few sweet deals on mice from Amazon first up is the popular logitech g602 wireless mouse that's going for forty dollars and the roccat myth gaming mouse that's forty dollars off right now this is a very advanced mouse that a modular design and features a 12,000 DPI sensor and 33 buttons this is perfect for RTS and MMO gamers speaking of mice the courser gaming extended mouse pad is going for thirteen dollars if you don't mind waiting a few weeks and if you didn't get a chance to grab an Xbox one s during the holidays then here's another chance this is a one terabyte Gears of War 4 bundle that's going for only three hundred and eight dollars here's a pretty good deal on a gaming monitor from AOC 24 inch free sync with 144 hurts refresh rate any one millisecond response time for only two hundred and ten dollars plus its basic compatible and it can be rotated a full 90 degree angle the suz 17 te motherboard is also on sale for 110 dollars after a mail and rebate so if you're looking up into building a new pc of a skylake platform this is worth taking a look at consider adding an m2 SSD to your current or new pc and use this as your main drive for the fastest boot and low times right now you can pick up a 250 gigabyte version for only eighty dollars lastly on newegg we have 32 gigs of ddr4 ram from ripjaws for only one hundred and seventy dollars but this deal will expire in four days some cool deals on ebay include a 65-inch 4k smart TV from samsung that comes in an HTC sound bar for thirteen hundred dollars and then we got the Philip C wireless LED strip that I actually use for my own setup and this is going for only one hundred and twenty dollars keep in mind that i paid around a hundred and fifty dollars from mine last year and i'm still using it till today without any problems you can change the color of the LED straight from your smartphone which is awesome it's a bit pricey but i highly recommend it the ps4 controller is twenty dollars off also we do have the DJI phantom 3 with 2.7 k video going for three hundred fifty dollars but keep in mind that this is refurbished and charter for is back on sale for thirty dollars only on ebay and this deal just popped up on amazon actually while i was editing this video one of my favorite budget mechanical keyboards is going for $35 currently the downside is that it doesn't feature a 10 key but this usually goes for around fifty dollars so it's hard to pass up so that is it for all the deals for this week as always make sure you guys check out deals or tech because we do upload daily tech deals on the website for US UK Canada and now Germany as well and also there will be some links down below if you guys want to check out thank you so much watching I'll see you in the next video
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