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Best Tech Deals of the Week | 02-07-2017

guys do you remember that storage room I had full of tech that I don't use anymore well I decided to sell most of it so if you're watching this video I have fully restocked the store tab on deal store tech where you can find 20% off everything that I'm selling now these are all either brand-new and sealed or in mint condition I've only used a few of these in like one video and decided to put it back in the box there's also a few items that are actually used and you will know which ones since I label the conditions on all of them you can even ask for an autograph or a note when you check out either on the box or the actual product just make sure to clarify that in the notes before you check out everything else free shipping and it's only available in the US unfortunately just because I don't want to deal with import fees and customs you guys can even check the links for the original products as well so you can compare prices but anyways if you're interested check out the store tab on the old stores tech and I'll drop a link to them down below starting off the show we have a 28 inch 4k monitor from Asus that is currently $40 off and it's excellent for productivity since you can take advantage of the enormous real estate it offers and it's also not bad for gaming it does have a 1 millisecond response time and a 60 Hertz refresh rate which can be easily overclocked to 75 Hertz at least and I know this because I did that to mine a while back if you're looking around for a compact power band the ravpower 6700 million of our charger is a good buy since there's only $16 and you can even choose from three different colors the popular UE mega boom wireless speaker is going for $60 off right now which is set to be one of the best high-end Bluetooth speakers available right now it's extremely loud with incredible bass in a range is a hundred feet which is insane but the coolest feature I think is the multi host which allows you to play songs from two Bluetooth devices so your friend can join and play songs from their phone as well if you can find a gtx 1070 under $400 and you should probably jump on that deal because it's pretty rare to find i came across two gigabyte gtx 1070 that's going for only 380 dollars that's not a bad deal the corsair k70 luxe RGB is only $12 off but nonetheless it's still a deal considering it's going for the full price on a new egg if you live under a rock and there are no buy GTA 5 or if you're too broke before to pay the full $60 well your chance since it's 50% off right now on Amazon and finally on Amazon we got a pretty decent deal on the logitech g4 or three prodigy gaming mouse it features six programmable buttons and RGB lighting we got a few pretty good deals on eBay one of which is the new 7700 K Cabul 8 processor which has sold over 1200 units already and it's going for three hundred and ten dollars so if you guys want to jump to the new platform right now now's the time because you won't find this processor cheaper anywhere else if you never try that VR open why they get into VR for a while now then this deal might be for you it's the new Samsung gear VR and it's 51 percent off going for only $49 however it's sold more than 75 percent already so be sure to jump on this if you are interested I'm pretty sure this deal is gonna expire by the time you're watching but I figured I would throw it in here just in case you guys can get a refurbished ps4 for only 230 dollars which is a $70 difference compared to buying a brand-new one and finally on eBay we got a solid mechanical gaming keyboard and mouse combo from Gambia's I actually featured this in my cool tech video a few months back and still recommend this even till today most mechanical gaming keyboard start around 50 bucks so the fact that you can get that in a solid gaming mouse for under 50 is a crazy deal the same gigabyte gtx 1070 is also a new egg but for $385 after a mail-in rebate however you do get a free copy of honor or the new Ghost Recon game if you purchase it on here for those of you who are on a budget the XFX rx 480 is a really good deal considering it's only going for $170 after a male and rebate and finally if you got the new gigabyte or s Z 27 I don't even know what the hell am I saying the new gigabyte RS z2 7 the ex gaming 5 motherboard for the new cab you lake platform it's going 465 bucks after a mail-in rebate but the sale ends in four days guys I strongly recommend bookmarking deal stores tech because not only do you see the same deals on the video on the website as well but we do update it constantly each day so there are deals that are only available for a limited amount of time like the Sennheiser HD 460 ones which were going for $40 and even a solid asus rog Strix z2 70 board that was on sale for $190 so unfortunately these are not available but they were on deal source for the past few days deals like these are always going out of stock so instead of waiting a week to watch my video it's a much better idea to check back on the website each day because you will come across some really amazing deals that are available for a limited time only once again guys I'll drop a link to my website deal stores Tech is very easy to remember consider bookmarking it and maybe checking back daily or even a few times a week thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys in the next video
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