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Best Tech Deals of the Week | 03-21-2017

what's up guys it's definite actors and yes I know I need a shave it's just been it's been a while life kind of got in the way and some of the things anyways no you don't need to know about that nonsense I still haven't done best tech deals of the week in like since last year to be honest usually this is done every single Tuesday but I kind of just don't see the point of doing it every single week because my website deal source text I always does that continuously every single day there's like 12,000 of you guys checking the website every single day so that's I figured do you guys like the website so there's really no point in doing these but once in a while I've come in and I'll come in once in a while I'll drop by and I'll make a video because I came across some pretty cool tech deals so yeah so to expect this every Tuesday you guys can always find these deals on my website but once in a while I'll drop by anyway some time talking about side with system deals so starting off with some awesome deals on the horizon 7 GPUs first up is the 1800 x8 core processor that's going for four hundred and sixty dollars I'm not sure who's smoking on the good stuff and putting an original price at a thousand when that is clearly not the case the retail on this thing is only $500 so you're getting a foiler discount if you buy from ebay by the way this also comes with their rate by our cooler moving down a ladder we got these 1,700 going for only 300 dollars so you're saving $30 in the process also this does come with the right fire cooler as well speaking of processors the 7700 K dipped down in price once again to $310 it's always fluctuates between 350 which is the original price and 310 so that's basically in under $40 in savings but it's sold more than 75% stocks so be sure to jump on this if you've wanted to buy this for a while now here's a pretty sweet deal on the galaxy s7 32 gigabyte version for Verizon it's going for $370 and it's an excellent condition but keep in mind that it is a refurbished smartphone speaking of refurbished the Wii U 32 gigabyte deluxe bundle with the new tender lamb is selling for $100 less than retail if you don't mind the refurbished label apparently 10000 people been in mind either way it's still a pretty good deal so for my content creators out there the sony a7r 2's price got lowered by 870 dollars Wow this is a perfect camera for making high quality videos especially in 4k resolution and it's one of the best DSLRs with low-light performance we got both HyperX cloud gaming headsets on sale as well the first one is going for 60 bucks and it's refurbished in excellent condition let me remind you and the second one is the original that's going for twenty dollars less once again it is refurbished as well but both of these are amazing headsets and they're selling like crazy the last two deals on eBay are TVs now the first one is quite possibly the cheapest 65 inch curved 4k Smart TV that I've seen online I mean this thing is almost two thousand dollars off right now and it's sold more than 81 percent stock I'm personally not a fan of curved TVs but if that's your thing you should definitely check this out here's another 65 inch curved TV but it's from Samsung and holy hell look at those bezels this TV is practically bezel if you are paying a bit more than a sharp tv that we just saw but you are getting a reputable brand of TV with extremely thin bezels I also don't think you can get a thinner than that switching over to Amazon it looks like they're doing a gold box deals a day on tons of awesome tech up to 30% off we got keyboards headset coolers mice and a bunch of accessories I'm not going to go over them but I'll drop a link to this page if you guys want to check them out so as I'm editing this video I just realized that these two tech products are actually going to expire very soon and they were actually featured on the website they also saw tech as I keep saying and this is actually a really good example that deals like this come and go frequently every single day and they're only available for like a few hours or even a day at most so so I guess I'm trying to say is if you have a few seconds of time available each day or maybe a week just check back on the website because you might come across these limited time offers or limited time deals once in a while on the website so first up on Amazon is the popular MX master mouse which is going for $60 and it's still currently one of the best wireless productive mice on the market final fantasy 15 dropped in price to $35 which sucks because I bought this came back in November for $60 speaking of buying tech at full price my G 900 Spectrum I also went on sale yesterday dipping down to one hundred and fifteen dollars I honestly love this mouse to death and I can't stop recommending it if you're building a PC and are looking for a CD key and don't trust Reddit and one of I went officially then now you can at a discounted price of $100 normally when those 10 Pro goes for 140 so you are saving a solid $40 not bad speaking of building pcs MSI's z170a motherboard is going for 125 bucks which is an awesome deal if you're looking for an unlocked chipset motherboard to do some overclocking driving over the Newegg we've got the rx 460 for $70 after a mail-in rebate and that is pretty much the cheapest 460 I have seen anywhere if you don't mind the Mellen rebate speaking the PC parts next up is the captain - 40 X CPU cooler from deep cool which is also going for seven dollars with a mail-in rebate where normally it would cost you $90 are you saving around 20 bucks for this the last night of my new egg is also a CPU cooler but more on the budget side we got the popular coarser age 50 cooler going for only 50 bucks after a $10 mail in rebate I mean it's close on Amazon for $60 so you're only saving $10 but savings is still fading and then we got a new egg flash first up is a samsung 500 gigabyte SSD going for only 170 dollars that is an absolute steal and several extended mouse pads for you guys only for $10 each you can even pick one to match your setup since they have a bunch of colors to choose from I'll link all of them down below not a bad deal so that is it for this episode of best tech deals of the week if you guys enjoyed it and found a pretty cool textview let me know in the comment section what you're going to pick up anything and also make sure you guys check my website deal source tech because that does get updated continuously throughout the day for US UK Canada and even Germany I know I keep saying that I know you guys really like the website because there's 12,000 users every single day so anyways thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next video
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