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Best Tech Deals of the Week | 10-11-16

what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to another episode of the best tech deals of the week but Before we jump in I want to ask my UK followers a question if you guys have a specific source or a website that helps find UK deals make sure to send it to deal source at gmail and if it's a really good source I will send you guys fifty bucks also more info will be linked below but with that said let's go ahead and start this off so first up we have a nikon d 3333 hundred and eighty dollars it's currently sold over eighty four percent of stock so if you guys are looking to start a YouTube channel or want to get into photography this should be on your list keep in mind that this is for starting out and I have included a link to some samples using the exact same setup down below speaking of getting into YouTube the shure sm58 handheld microphone is going for a hundred dollars and it also comes with a twenty-dollar ebay gift card you can use the gift card and buy an extension boom on to mount this on your desk or voiceovers but once again I will drop a link to some samples down below if you want to hear what it sounds like if you own an iPhone 6 or 7 and wants to protect the screen from being scratched here is a four dollar and 39 cent tempered glass screen protector a legit scratched my iphone 7 plus screen already all of you guys can tell but is a scratch mark up there just from having it in my pocket so I'm pretty I'm pretty pissed this next one isn't really tech but it holds tech so yeah the samsonite laptop bag not only looks hella clean but you can grab it for only 53 bucks it also hooks up to your luggage so you can take it with you on flights last item on ebay is this 34 inch ultra wide monitor with a resolution of 3440 by 1440p that sold over eighty percent of stock it's perfect for media consumption editing and casual gaming JP to Amazon we have a gaming headset that's going for only sixteen dollars by using the code listed on the screen is available in red and blue and it's also compatible with ps4 xbox one and pc speaking of ps4 the 500 gigabyte uncharted 4 bundle is on sale for two hundred and eighty dollars keep in mind that the regular ps4 without any games go for three hundred dollars so this is actually a really good deal the zotac gtx 1080 amp edition is at six hundred and four dollars which is one of the lowest that I've seen on a GTX 1080 but check this out guys the gigabyte gtx 1080 g one is down to only six hundred dollars after a male and rebate this is currently the cheapest 1080 you can find online if you're shopping around for a new flagship smartphone and consider taking a look at a few reviews of the honor 8 because it's currently dropped in price by 50 bucks you get flagship specs and a budget device it's definitely worth taking a look at the a CEO backlit mechanical gaming keyboard is currently at 60 bucks but this cell does and then five hours so by the time you're watching this video it won't be available this is why checking back with the website deal source tech is important because we do have deals like these all the time that come and go every single day but for you guys I was able to find it on amazon for a few dollars more however this one is out of stock until the 14th the last deal on amazon has blood-borne for the ps4 all late it's going for thirteen dollars which is a pretty stupid deal a few deals on newegg include the deep cool janome cooler organelle cooler that comes with an integrated three sixty millimeter cooler the white and blue along with the black and green cases are going for two hundred thirty dollars but the black and red option is going for two hundred we also have a 1000 watt power supply from courtside going for 110 dollars after a mail-in rebate and finally a 27-inch 3k widescreen IPS monitor for two hundred and five bucks this is actually the first time I'm hearing about a 3k monitor it's a 2880 by 1620 resolution so it's the perfect sweet spot between 4k and a 2k monitor so that is it for the video as always my UK and Canada followers make sure to check out the links down below as always make sure to check out the old source tech where we upload deals daily then you guys so much watching and I'll see you in the next video
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