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Best Tech Deals of the Week | 10-18-16

what's up guys it's julian and it's definitely been a while but i am back this week doing best tech deals for the week of october 18 as always make sure to check the description for links to everything mentioned in this video first link on this list is a micro SD card from sandisk you can never get enough of these little guys and this one is the best one on the market so for fifteen dollars this is a great deal next up is this bundle from audio technica not only do you get my personal favorite headphones but also a great bluetooth speaker that i also have it is the best speaker i have used to date and for 140 dollars this is definitely my favorite item on this list g.skill has a deal right now on their mechanical keyboard you can save forty dollars right now on this wonderful RGB mechanical keyboard if you just picked up an iphone 7 and you are in the lookout for a super protective case in this case from case ology is here for fifteen dollars i had this case on my iphone 6 and it has definitely survived its fair share of drops here's another bluetooth speaker on sale seventy-five percent off right now this one is the perfect portable speaker for on the go since it's extremely small and versatile but not sacrificing sound quality at all definitely recommend this one last up on amazon is this gaming headset only twenty dollars right now if you are in the need of a comfy headset but don't want to dish out a ton of cash then this is definitely perfect for you on ebay there's this one terabyte SSD from muskan or mushkin i don't know how to pronounce it but if you're in the search for an SSD right now then this is perfect since it's running at two hundred and forty dollars also in the pc building world is this h100i from corsair this guy is widely known for one of the best cpu coolers on the market and it is currently one hundred dollars the last product on this list are these super cool speakers I can't vouch for the sound quality but I can definitely say that if you have a blue theme going on in your setup and you should definitely give these a look because of how incredibly cool they look it has glowing LED lights on the speakers and a subwoofer the sub also lets you control how much bass and volume you want that is all for this week for tons more deals like these make sure to check out deal source tech as it's being updated four times a day my name is Julian and I will see you guys next time
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