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Best Tech Deals of the Week | 11-01-16

whats up guys its Julian let's jump right into another episode of best tech deals you all know the drill you can find all the links of all these items in the description below starting us off is this iphone 6s unlocked for 420 dollars for all of those still bitter with Apple for removing the headphone jack you can still buy the success here for a much cheaper price here's one of my favorite pieces of tech the Amazon echo it's the perfect item to tie your smart home together and be your own personal assistant pick one up for just one hundred fifty dollars right now the classic pebble time SmartWatch is running at ninety dollars right now if you're looking for the standard SmartWatch capabilities for a super cheap price then this is a great purchase next up is this 28 inch monitor from Samsung this is a great looking monitor with a sleek design and small bezels and the one millisecond response time is a huge plus to all for three hundred and forty dollars with the release of the iphone 7 and the big push and removing wires bluetooth headphones are a hot item right now these classic jaybird exes are still one of the best available and they are currently running for $75 here are another set of earphones for only thirty-eight dollars that have an extremely high review on amazon right now they are claiming an aluminum construction 15 hour battery and noise reduction lastly on Amazon are my current favorite gaming headsets these guys are $90 wireless headsets so when you rage you don't have to worry about taking your headset off before you run away from the computer these guys are comfortable and a great pair of headsets jumping to ebay is this 55-inch curved smart TV this is another beautifully designed monitor with that curved design for great viewing angles all packed with a smart OS so that you can watch youtube or netflix straight from your TV on newegg is this orico 7 port USB hub for thirty dollars this is an absolute must-have for your pc setup so you can plug in all your USB devices i have had mine for two plus years now and it going strong the last item on this list is an extremely budget-friendly peek see case with an angular black and red design and it even comes with three LED fans inside definitely a good purchase for forty dollars that is all for this week for tons more deals just like these make sure to check out deal source tech my name is Julian and I will see you guys next time
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