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Best Tech Deals of the Week | 11-08-16

what's up guys it's a thumbtack source and welcome to another episode of the best tech deals of the week I do wanna apologize for not doing one last Tuesday I was pretty backed up in projects but I do wanna let you guys know just in case the old so tech is always up and running and in fact it gets updated four times a day for you guys US UK and Canada as well I'll drop a link to it down below if you guys want a book market and check back whenever you want but anyways before I started episode guys actually anchor reached out to me and they wanted to share this amazing deal just for you my subscribers so anchor is having a 70% off sale for the next seven days on iphone 7 accessories from bumpers to screen shields and even dashboard car mounts additionally you get immediate 30% discount on several products all you have to do is sign up and click on the blue button to unlock your code and then right before you check out and put the code and you are good to go if all the codes are taken for today there will be new codes added on the website each day so make sure to check back the next day now this is only available for US UK and Germany so my fellow Canadians I'm sorry I'll drop a link to this page down below for anyone that is interested so continuing on with the show we have the Amazon echo going for $140 now this thing plays all your music from Spotify to Pandora and you can even control lights and switches that are compatible with Wemo Philips you and a bunch of other smart home tech devices for example why have you sucked up to my two IKEA lamp downstairs and I can turn both of them on or off just by talking to it mechanical gaming keyboards with a 10 keypad section is very hard to find under 50 bucks but check this out guys this one is actually 36 dollars and you get anti-ghosting and five different LED color modes that will give the keyboard a pretty cool effect the color of the LED is a turquoise color so it might turn off a few people but for this price there is no other keyboard like it speaking of keyboards if you're balling in cash and want something with better quality the Corsair strafe is a solid option right now and it's going for $20 off its regular price now let's take a look at some GPUs so first up we have the rx 460 going for only $90 and that is with a mail-in rebate but let me remind you guys that you're saving 30 dollars on an already cheap GPU if you have more of a budget the msi gtx 1070 is going for only 386 after a mail-in rebate which should save you around $44 if you are a patient person if you haven't played far cry 4 yet but always wanted to well here's your chance at grabbing a copy for only $25 on both ps4 and Xbox one asus has they're very popular gaming monitor the BG 2 for 8 QE going for 220 now this thing is a beast for gaming you get 144 hours to refresh rate 1 millisecond response time and it's also basic compatible so if you guys want to mount this thing you can if you have an iPhone 7 plus then this deal might be for you the OtterBox Commuter Series is going for half of the price than the actual website so instead of paying $50 you guys only paid 25 or a solid and protective case here is another solid gaming monitor featuring a 1 millisecond response time and a 144 Hertz were fresh rate that can be overclocked to 185 Hertz guys that is insane it is from a less popular brand which is why they're going for only $160 but that price definitely makes it worth it CIRA reg or crier reg however you say it has a budget CPU cooler for both AMD and Intel CPUs going for $30 however this sell ends in 6 days which is this coming Saturday if you've been looking for a keyboard and mouse to buy then you should check out this deal on new egg the razor Deathstalker essential and abyss gaming mouse has a combo deal of 65 dollars the keyboard itself goes for 50 bucks if you buy it separately so you will definitely be saving a lot of money unless you hate razer products then this isn't for you so those are all the deals for this week as always a pretty short episode as always make sure you guys check out the Anker deals going on down below if you guys enjoyed this episode make sure to leave a like and I'll see you in the next video
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