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Best Tech Deals of the Week | 11-22-16

what's up guys it's julian and welcome back to another episode of BTD as you all know this week is very special there will be tons of incredible deals leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday because of this ed and I will be pushing out a few more episodes of best tech deals to keep you guys posted if you want to make sure to not miss any deals over this period make sure to check out deal source tech where there is a specific section to see all the black friday deals categorized into whatever you want alright so let's get started with these speakers from creative inspire they are currently sixty percent off right now if you want to spice up your set up with a set of budget speakers these now 31 dollar ones should do the trick next up are the ever so popular jaybird x2's these are some of the best wireless headphones and at one hundred fifty dollars they're one of the cheapest for their quality go ahead and pick them up now while they are twenty percent off the echo b3 is up there with the nest for the best thermostat on the market right now this thing is one of the coolest pieces of smart home tech at the moment and if you have an Amazon echo you can even voice control this thermostat if you want to get something to make your house a little bit closer to Iron Man's then grab this echo be three for two hundred dollars there are several deals on Xboxes right now on amazon the deals very but if you are in search for an xbox check these out and pick the bundle that matches you better the logitech g930 3 have a big sale right now they are currently a hundred dollars off which is fifty percent off the original price a hundred dollars for a wireless headset is definitely a good purchase this is probably the best time of the year to build a pc with all the deals going on pc parts they are much cheaper at the moment this radeon r x 480 comes in at one of the lowest i have seen it $235 after a mail-in rebate definitely pick one up if you've been looking for a 480 for a while now sticking with a sous they have a 28 inch 4k monitor with one millisecond response time that is twenty-five percent off right now if you want a 4k gaming monitor than this one for three hundred forty dollars is perfect if you want a TV instead of a computer monitor then this curved 43 inch 4k smart TV is beautiful you can save a hundred dollars on it right now when I think of black friday I definitely think of rushing into a store to grab a TV skip the lines right now and get this TV from the comfort of your home this Intel Core i7 is nearly twenty percent off right now for two hundred ninety dollars you get this quad core 4 gigahertz CPU on ebay sticking with the pc parts you can get this black and red themed motherboard from asus this one is built for mini ITX builds and is currently just two hundred and twenty-five dollars that is all for today make sure to check back tomorrow for another episode of best tech deals and don't forget to check out deal source tech to not miss a single deal
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