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Best Tech Deals of the Week | 9-13-16

what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to best tech deals of the week and before you guys get excited and say hey edits back doing these videos no I am just here doing this one episode Julian will still be the person taking over as tech deals of the week but I hit the hundred thousand subscribers today which is actually yesterday if you're watching this video and I'm kind of excited I just want to thank you guys in person and I figured why not do an episode just like old times so yeah I hear you cries in the comments section and I am here to host this show so ladies and gentlemen without wasting any more time let's begin alright so starting up the show we have the ever so popular 6,700 k back at it again with the white vans it's currently at its lowest price ever coming in at just three hundred dollars so if you guys have been waiting for the price to drop on this then now is the time to snag it before it goes back up to 350 bucks if that's a bit too steep for you the 6600 k is also discounted to 210 dollars which is honestly just twenty dollars off the original price of 230 but nonetheless a deal is a deal slapping over to Amazon we have a bunch of cool tech that's discounted like the cyber acoustic booming speaker system with subwoofer that's going for 61 dollars you can hook these up to your PC laptop or TV and it comes with this tiny pod that gives you convenient access to the headphone jack and auxiliary input behold my pc masterrace the gtx 1070 super clock from EVGA is currently at its lowest price right now coming in at just four hundred and thirty dollars compared to 450 on newegg I mean sure you're only saving twenty dollars but every little bit helps I would personally go with this superclocked version instead of the FTW because the performance difference is very marginal and spending an extra thirty dollars just doesn't make any sense the only thing you get if you go with the FTW is RGB lighting if you're looking for something a bit more affordable than the msi gtx 1063 gigabyte variant may be a better option for you with this bad boy you can achieve frames well over 60 FPS and max settings while gaming in 1080p full you raise our fan boys out there the diamondback chroma gaming mouse is on sale for only fifty dollars at least this time you won't be overpaying for razor products halo 5 guardians limited edition for the Xbox one has officially dipped down in price all the way down to $25 probably because nobody plays halo anymore and they're just trying to get rid of the copies and finally on Amazon we have a very solid bluetooth speaker going for only thirty dollars and it's currently the number one best seller on amazon if base is what you guys are looking for in Bluetooth speaker then this is the holy grail of all speakers on their 50 bucks if you're interested in getting into the porn industry or maybe just want to shoot quality pictures and video then you will need a solid DSLR that won't break the bank the Canon Rebel t5 bundle comes with an 18 to 55 millimeter zoom lens and it's currently thirty six percent off this thing shoots amazing 1080p video and if you guys want to take a look at some video samples check out the link below the camera in the description section below be quite as efficiently discounted all of their new dark base nine hundred cases on newegg flash so if you guys are looking for your next full tower chassis then this has to be on your list I did do a full review on this on the channel and once again I'll drop a link to it down below if you want to check it out finally on newegg flash we have a pair of all around solid earphones coming in at just 23 bucks it will surely satisfy your ear holes with crispy sound and decent bass I love the fact that it comes with a remote to control the volume and accept calls something you don't see often on earbuds around twenty dollars wallets out for Harambee guys fifty dollars for a 20-inch widescreen monitor are you serious who cares if it's refurbished I even buy the same motor with a hole inside for fifty dollars this is a really great deal this next one is for all of my good guys out there that don't pirate software first I want to thank you guys so much for supporting the developers second there's a really solid discount on microsoft office home and business 2016 normally this costs around two hundred thirty dollars but right now it's only 200 so you would be saving about 30 bucks for all my pirate errs out there what up if ultra-wide is your thing and you never had enough money to pull the trigger will allows your chance LG has their 25 um 56 p for only one hundred and fifty dollars quite possibly the lowest price I've seen on these any and finally wrapping this episode up you have an asus gtx 950 Strix that's going for only one hundred and ten dollars but it isn't a form of a 30-dollar mail and rebate so that'll do for this episode of best tech deals of the week as always if you guys enjoy series make sure to leave a like and I want to thank you guys so much again for the 900,000 subscriber milestone Jesus Christ that is insane I'm only a hundred thousand away from the big million and hopefully I can get that to replace my silver play button thanks so much I love you and also thank you guys so much for giving Julian a chance he's improved so much from the first episode and I want to give you guys I want to thank you guys so much for giving them a chance and going with the flow I don't even know as always guys there's a bunch of deals like these that I didn't feature in this video because it'll be like 20 minutes long they are on the website deal source tech check it out if you guys want to and maybe even bookmark it and check it out once a day or something we are uploading at least 15 to 20 deals a day for us UK and Canada so yeah we have actually for total ambassadors right now uploading deals every single day on the website again I'll drop a link to the website down below if you guys want to check that out but anyways thank you so much I'll see you the next video
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