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Best Tech Deals of the Week | 9-20-16

what's up guys it's Julian and I am back this week with another episode of best tech deals make sure to check the description for links to everything mentioned in this video starting off this week is this asu's 20 3.8 inch monitor for only one hundred and ninety dollars you get a near 24 inch monitor with a great design and small bezels if you have been on the internet at all in the past month and you have certainly seen that the iphone 7 comes with no headphone jack these jaybird xtube bluetooth headphones are widely known for one of the best bluetooth headphones you can get and they are currently running at one hundred dollars if you want to save even more money you can get these first-generation jabbers for less than eighty dollars right now still an incredible pair of bluetooth headphones and a great alternative to the no headphone jack on the iphone 7 next up is this one terabyte SSD two hundred dollars off right now on amazon a perfect SSD for anyone looking to store a lot of data on our pc back with more iphone 7 deals here a couple of cases that caught my attention this week this one is awesome from spigen it is plenty protective with that beefy build and it even comes with a kickstand to prop up your new 7 plus when watching videos all for seventeen dollars then this case is better for more of the minimalist it features a more slim design with still plenty of protection and it looks amazing with that black carbon fiber look this one is only ten dollars on ebay there is this course Eric a 65 mechanical keyboard for only fifty dollars coming from Corsair you know it will be a great mechanical keyboard and it definitely looks good with that small minimalistic design for only fifty dollars this is a great purchase finally on newegg there is this AMD a10 r7 processor this is a great budget processor for anybody looking to build a pc right now and the last item is this amazing deal on the dell 34 inch ultra wide monitor this beautiful curved monitor is at seven hundred and thirty dollars right now but you better hurry up because this deal is ending soon that is all for this week for deals like these posted every single day make sure to check out deal source tech my name is Julian and I will see you guys next week
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