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Best Tech Deals of the Week | 9-27-16

what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to another episode of BTD we actually got a bunch of deals over the weekend but unfortunately I can't go over all of them in this video because it'd be like a 20 minute video so instead I'm going to go over some really good deals and the rest of them you guys can find on my website deal source top tech which by the way it gets updated four times a day with brand new tech deals for US UK and Canada so if you guys are from those countries make sure to check those out or check out the website if you're interested so starting up the episode we have the Zeus smart car charger which has actually been my personal favorite for almost a year now I am featuring this in my cool tech of October which is coming up really soon but I came across this on amazon since it currently is on sale this little device helps you locate your parked car by using the app on your smartphone and it also comes with a ton of useful features which you will see in the video this Friday moving to newegg we have the cursor CX 450 on sale for only thirty dollars now although I do advise against the CX series since they are not the best out there but thirty dollars is kind of hard to beat for a power supply for budget builds assuming you don't mind email and rebate while we're on the subject of PC hardware we have a bunch more on newegg like this 810 7700 k quad-core processor that's going for $75 it's great for budget gaming builds and even better for a media pc considering the processor has an integrated radeon r7 chip the define r 5 is on sale for only ninety dollars and that is the lowest you'll find on this case currently since amazon has it going for one hundred and five bucks if you're looking for your next budget GPU then EVGA has the gtx 950 that's currently going for 110 dollars with a male and rebate however if you're not a die-hard and video fan I would look into the aurochs 460 that offers better performance for the same cost here's one from gigabyte that's actually going for a hundred dollars and finally the h105 extreme cpu cooler is going for $94 as well with a mail-in rebate taking a break from pc hardware for a bit we have the 35 inch ultra wide gaming monitor from bank you that sports a 144 hurts refresh rate any for millisecond response time that's currently going for six hundred dollars that's four hundred dollars off retail price right now and it probably won't stay that way long I'm personally not a fan of screaming boxes but if you are then there's a really good deal on the roku if you don't mind refurbished products last item I knew I guard is pair of headphones from JBL that's going for only fifty dollars now the are made for iOS and features built-in remote and microphone and it is compatible PC as well via 3.5 millimeter jack we only have two deals on ebay and one of them is this 32 inch samsung monitor which already has sold over 1400 units at the white screen display with a 2560 x 1440 p resolution 5 millisecond response time and a 60 Hertz refresh rate not the best for gaming but if productivity is your main focused and this is a solid monitor especially for the price the other deal on ebay are these pair of earbuds that are going for ten dollars now does feature a microphone and music controls which is extremely rare to see on earbuds for this price point we do have a bunch of deals on amazon so i will try and zoom do them as quick as possible so first up we have a ten thousand four hundred million power power bank going for twenty dollars anchors six pack charging cable with different lengths is going for twelve dollars which is an awesome deal considering each cable usually costs around five bucks I did the way top 5 iphone 7 cases on the channel last week and if you guys somehow missed it I'll drop a link to it down below but this is actually one of the cases I didn't feature since it wasn't available at the time but since we are getting closer to lunch I thought I would drop it in this video especially since it's $13 off currently the ever so popular jaybird x2 bluetooth headphones are temporarily reduced once again down to a hundred dollars which is the cheapest price you will find on these anywhere i will definitely snag these if you've been thinking about it for a very long time the razer deathadder gaming mouse is also discounted to forty dollars a seven port USB 3.0 is going for twenty-five dollars and the number one bestseller for wireless chargers is having a sale on her cheek charger stand finally the last deal on this episode is the razer blackwidow ultimate keyboard back at it again with the discount however it's only available for the clicky switches now the normal price of his keyboard is a hundred dollars so you'd be saving around 18 bucks if you were to pick it up today but that will do for this episode as always make sure to check out the old source tech where deals get uploaded multiple times a day if you guys are interested I'll drop a link to it below they got so much for watching I'll see you in the next video
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