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Best Tech Deals of the Week | 9-6-16

what's up guys this is Julian and welcome back to another episode of best tech deals make sure to check the description for links to everything mentioned in this video for the first item on this list we have this black PC case from fantex this is a super clean looking case with a very large acrylic transparent window to show off your build this right here is one of the cheapest mechanical keyboards I have seen on Amazon at $37 you get this sleek looking mechanical keyboard with cherry MX blue switches next up is this bluetooth speaker from amazon $100 is the cheapest this guy has ever fallen two for one hundred dollars you get a great speaker that has built in alexa capabilities also from amazon are these extremely affordable speakers for your setup if you are looking for a cheap set of speakers and this is definitely your best bet for only ten dollars these are the best you can find at that price range if you are anything like me and always in need of more portable storage then this $9 32 gigabyte flash drive is perfect for you I actually have this exact model in the 128 gigabyte version and it has been great hopping right over to newegg we have this gorgeous all glass PC case it will definitely cost you a pretty penny at one hundred thirty dollars but if you are looking to build a very sexy build then this is a great option right now you can find a 3 terabyte hard drive for just $85 from Western Digital not often do you find this price dip that low this iPad air 2 is 130 dollars right now refurbished from newegg it did have a previous owner but one hundred thirty dollars is certainly a price you cannot beat next up is this $30 gaming mouse it comes with 18 reprogrammable buttons and goes all the way up to 16,000 400 DPI for all of you guys either trying to step up your youtube game or are just starting out this is a sweet camera bundle you should definitely check out it comes with a cannon t6 and multiple photography accessories finally heading over to ebay we have one of the least expensive 21 inch monitors I have seen this monitor from HP is perfect for anybody building a low-budget setup it of course isn't the greatest with a 7 millisecond response time display but it is still 1080p and only seventy dollars you can also pick up an Xbox one right now for just over two hundred dollars and for PC gamers you can get this Logitech g600 gaming mouse for $28 this mouse has 20 programmable buttons and a max dpi of 8,200 for the last item on this list you can get this 27 inch 4k display from Dell this is certainly a gorgeous display with the six millisecond response time definitely a great display for all you 4k gamers or editors out there that's it for this week hope you all had a great labor day weekend for deals like these posted every single day check out deal source tech my name is Julian and I will see you guys next time
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