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Best Valentines Day Weekend - VLOG #12

ladies and gentlemen of the jury welcome back to the channels vlogs I know it's been ages since I posted one I'm sorry I've been working on other tackle related videos on text source but I haven't forgot about you guys so here I am making another vlog thumbs up for the return so basically we're going to be heading out this weekend to San Diego for Valentine's Day kind of just take a break from YouTube and making videos and as I say that I'm making a video for youtube good good anyways yeah we're basically going for Saturday night Sunday night and then we are coming back Monday morning and I'm waiting on Brienne because I'm all packed and ready to go medic she is finally she's on time um I impact that much actually I just have one bag here of my my clothes I need another bag here for my tech stuff so you gotta have your tech stuff got my chargers my tablets or tablet I should say and there's one bag of clothes so I'm going really light because only for two nights looks like the wind blew some more crap into our pool which no one even swims in Oh an update on Alexa her rear bumper got fixed by the way guys check it out I completely forgot to make an update video but they did an amazing job by the way shoutout to GTA body and grand theft auto body such a lame name but hey they did a good job as you can see the color actually is spot on because there's actually paint the rear bumper so I'm really happy with this with the way it turned out welcome back Alexa so woke up an hour ago and you have had a chance to eat anything because we've been packing so gonna go and grab some grub we want to go somewhere fast oh I have it is all right so apparently fast means fast-food so where are they McDonald's over here and I'm gonna get something real quick on the road I don't I forbid eating in my car but she insisted that we get there as soon as possible so I'm gonna make this one-time exception exception and that is it I have this on file so if anything I can always refer back to it I know we forgot to fill up before we left so I'm gonna go and fill it up real quick and Oh toast 4:30 already and we have about we still have two hours before we get there traffic is been crazy seems like everybody and their mothers are going to San Diego this weekend this Valentine's weekend our other mistake was we showed up looking to shut up left on Friday because this is crazy so yeah I'm kind of kind of grumpy as you can tell just want to go fit over just a little bit so the three-hour drive became a five and a half hour drive but nonetheless we made it better got our stuff and go and check all right so finally made it to our hotel I'm going to unpack well quick maybe rest a little bit and then head out get something to eat maybe go to a bar or something but I'll give you guys a quick tour of this little hotel so the entrance is right there bathrooms in there got our king-size bed little dresser over here TV I don't know what's in here oh I guess the room to the other side mirror desk lamps one cedar couch I guess so whatever that is and I pretty cool patio outs here outside oh no frickin never actually been at an hotel or a patio so this is really nice and that is overlooking the ocean a room tour is not complete without the bathroom and Wow we that is a huge tub be a smear sink and got a walk-in shower over here and pull it of course I saw about to head out get some food maybe go to a bar get some drinks I'm gonna leave the camera here at the hotel because I kind of want to carry it around me tonight I just want to relax and let loose but I promise to take the camera with me tomorrow and vlog the entire day so I'll see you guys in the morning good morning everyone look at that view what's up guys so it's the next morning and now we're heading towards my Valentines Day present I don't know what Breanna got me I'm excited can't wait to see what it is by any means we'll see what it is all right so we're back at the hotel just chilling right here at the patio enjoying the view I couldn't take my camera with me to the surprise because no cameras were allowed but basically she got us a couples massage at this place called cascade spa I don't know if they were Thai or Vietnamese but they did an amazing job on a massage which was like about an hour they used their elbows their knuckles their fingers and massage every part of the body like they they move muscles and letting you know existed that's how good they were so that's like the first hour and then they bought us tea afterwards and then we went into a sauna and after that we got a facial and a foot scrub and just entire experience and there are to our experience was amazing so definitely a really great Valentine's Day gift so the plans for the rest of the day Breanna is getting ready we're going to head out to our Valentine's Day dinner which is around 6:45 p.m. luckily we got last-minute booking available since that place was packed it's an Italian restaurant I'll have the name linked here somewhere if you guys want to check out but it seems like a pretty fancy place and they're having a Valentine's Day specials so definitely excited for that so I know that food is usually overpriced at hotels but I have to show you something real quick that's pretty crazy so check this out you guys is um obviously got some water you had some nuts and you got some like snacks over here you got some cookies some gummy bears which isn't that a lot to be honest but check out the price on these things we've got the chocolate chip cookies which are eight bucks the gummy bears which are seven bucks and that's not even the crazy part there's actually an eight percent tax that's not included at a twenty one percent service charge so yeah you getting charged like almost 30 percent on top of what these usually costs which is ridiculous there's something I'm really good at in this lifetime rather than making pcs I think it's making a damn good drink check it out nine out of ten that's pretty damn good she always does this be quiet we need to be at the restaurant at 6:45 it is now so it's 30 minutes away plus you have to take and take into account traffic and parking so therefore wait 6:05 be pilatus or fall all right so we're five minutes late but at least we made it all right so this Monday they have two Valentine's Day it's time to check out all right right all right so it's Monday day after Valentine's Day and it's time to go and check out are you have 17 what's the left over nest Anna thank you have a great day so even though we checked out we're still going to be in San Diego for another four to five hours we're not quite way to leave to LA all right so we are here at the gas lamp district here in San Diego we're going to go grab some brunch and then maybe walk around from it head back to LA so Brianne got a Bloody Mary what kind Bloody Mary times Oh the classic marrying and I don't know what this is too big it and me out there Bloody Mary but a different variation with Cara watson squid lobsters shrimp shrimp a dead trip she's got a big shrimp did he is she like a shrimp a lot of space next to my buddy here yeah doesn't look like you like it very much big bloody marys a time course it is yeah hey gang I'm gonna try your pain my way but no it's not oh whatever we love Shawn so I got a potato pancakes and a chicken pesto sandwich she coffee so San Diego was fun cafe 21 was awesome it was great this weekend was great was it definitely an amazing weekend but I think it's time to call it quits heading back to the car and then heading back to LA I think like bottle at my house so I'll see you guys when I get to headquarters what's up guys so I'm back here at the headquarters traffic wasn't too bad it would be it took me about four hours to get back home whereas it took me five and half hours to get there but it was so pretty packed but I'm here the weekend was awesome San Diego was awesome it was a great great weekend I definitely needed it needed to relax you need to rejuvenate so Valentine's Day was awesome I hope you guys watching this video also had an awesome weekend and also had an awesome Valentine's Day San Diego was beautiful I would definitely go back there whenever I have the chance again and I strongly recommend it to anyone who lives in California or maybe wants to visit California I definitely check out San Diego the city is just gorgeous but instead of club right now so I have to go and work on the best tech deals of the week for Tuesday so this is Monday right now so I have like two hours to get that video done and hopefully post it up 12:00 PST tomorrow it's basically a thing guys so much for watching the vlog I'll let you guys go if you enjoy the vlogs make sure to smack that like button and I'll see you in the next video you
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