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Best Waterproof Case for iPhone 6? - Ghostek Atomic

the lithium card is a very thin portable charger that will juice up your Android or iPhone device without the need to carry around bulky power banks it's even thin enough to fit inside your wallet click on the screen or the link below for more info what's up guys it's ed back again from Texas and today we're gonna take a look at an awesome waterproof case from ghost tech for the iPhone 6 this is the ghost tech atomic case and it's one of the thinnest waterproof cases that are currently out there it comes in three awesome colors to match your iPhone six color and a cost a fraction of the price when compared to the lifeproof case so you will be able to submerge your iPhone up to one meter deep and up to ten minutes without getting any water damage and the case is made out of very light aluminum alloy which only adds about three ounces of total weight the packaging is simple it comes in this clear box and inside the actual case you will find a lanyard to attach to the case when you go swimming or in the ocean so you don't accidentally drop your phone and have it drift away you also get a white microfiber cloth and a QuickStart guide to help you with the installation process although it's really easy and I'll show you how to put it on in a bit so the back side of the case has this clear back screen material which doesn't cover the back of your phone and I don't know about you guys but if I'm putting on a case I don't want the entire phone hidden so it's definitely a good design choice taking a look inside the case you will find rubber grommets alongside on each of the four sides of the case which acts as shock absorbers in the case that the phone drops and it also protects the phone from scratches when installing or removing the case as I said before the case is one of the thinnest waterproof cases available measuring at only point 47 inches which is smaller than two iPhones if you want a visual now the installation part is simple there is a raised edge along the case and all you need to do is line it up with a rubber seal cover once you place the phone inside the case and make sure it's nice and snug you can go ahead and continue installing the cover it's important to make sure that the seal is fitted properly and you can do that by running your finger around the edges firmly until the gaps close to make sure no water gets in the aesthetics of the case is nice definitely one of the coolest waterproof cases I have seen the aluminum finish really gives the case a premium look and feel all without compromising any of its features on the bottom of the case you have the cutouts for the microphone and speakers as well as two rubber grommet seals to protect the headphone and charging ports on the left side of the case you have the vibration switch and two aluminum buttons for volume control and on the other side you have the power button the camera is also covered with a thin piece of film which won't affect taking pictures or video in fact here are a few samples I took with the iPhone 6 with and without the case on so you can tell the difference the ports on the bottom also have enough clearance for the original charging cables and earphones however if you have a special charging dock or third-party chargers then you probably need to remove the case before using it now most waterproof cases make it really difficult to use the phone however the ghost tech atomic doesn't have this problem at all the aluminum buttons are super easy to press without the need to press hard and the home button is also very responsive as before you might need some time to get used to the water-resistant film on the case it's not as smooth as the actual screen obviously but nonetheless it's still very responsive overall I have no complaints about this case the ghost tech atomic is a very solid good-looking case and if you're looking for a protective water-resistant case for your iPhone 6 then I recommend you trying this one out the price is also unbelievably low so that's it for the video I will leave a link in the description section if you guys want to check it out and as always if you enjoy the video please leave a like if you didn't you can dislike and let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below once again thanks for watching this is that from tech source I'll see you guys in the next video
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