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Best Wireless Mouse - Logitech MX MASTER Review

logitech has a great reputation for creating amazing PC accessories in fact their last year's MX mouse model was very popular and became one of the best Mouse's you can purchase for productivity well can the same be set with their new MX master wireless mouse this is that from Texas and we're about to find out all right so the MX master wireless mouse from Logitech goes for a hundred bucks and I will drop a link in the description section for pricing and availability for those of you that are interested this is a high-end mouse targeted not for gamers but for day-to-day use specifically for productivity but that doesn't mean you can't use it for gaming as well so inside the box you will receive a small brochure that includes a set-up guide and warranty info along with a micro USB charging cable because you are paying for a high-end mouse you do get all the bells and whistles one of which is an integrated rechargeable battery that lasts up to 40 days on a single charge and that's pretty damn impressive that's actually a full day of use in just four minutes of charging you can use this mouse on your Windows or Mac computer with the included unifying reciever a small USB dongle that will also work with Logitech keyboards or via Bluetooth technology what's awesome is that you can also hook up three devices and you can switch between a desktop a laptop or even a tablet using the easy switch button located on the bottom of the mouse you can either do this using the same unifying receiver or via bluetooth so the pair of the mouse all you have to do is power the mouse on select which channel you want to set the mouse up with and then press connect while the channel number light is blinking rapidly insert the dongle in the USB port and wait for the light to stop blinking and you're basically set to go the MX master can also be used on any surface even on glass which is pretty cool using the mouse for a whole day I find it very responsive and smooth not once has it lost connection or a stutter that combined with its ergonomic design ensures you get work done efficiently and comfortably the buttons on the other hand aren't as silent as you would expect you can definitely hear the click every time and they are noticeably louder than my cursor m40 Raptors although that really shouldn't be an issue if you wear headphones in the first place it also has a speed adaptive scroll that lets you auto ship from click to click or hyper fast scrolling if you run your finger against it really fast for those extra long webpages that you sometimes come across the button right above the wheel scroll disables the click to click scroll and enables full hyper fast scrolling without having the need to fling the scroll with force you also get a thumb wheel for a side-to-side scrolling which is awesome for video editing and then right next to the thumb wheel are the back and forward buttons and that is one of the things I actually don't like about this mouse I feel that they are positioned uncomfortably and require a little more effort to utilize at first I thought I would get used to it but even till today it just doesn't feel natural using them if Logitech would have swapped the thumb wheel and the page switching buttons that would have been a lot better no question there the MX master also comes with a gesture button by pressing and holding down the gesture button and moving the mouse at the same time you can perform tasks for example while holding the button down and moving the mouse towards you it will show the desktop moving it away from you maximizes the window and moving it either left or right unlocks the Snap feature you can also simply just press and let go which will display the app viewer now Mac users will definitely appreciate the extra perk of gesture support seeing as most of the multi trackpad gestures can be duplicated on the MX master now if you don't care for those gestures then you can customize it to do whatever you want using a Logitech options program you can basically program the gesture button to control your media zoom or rotate if you're mainly working on art or even fully customized each task but that's not all you can customize you can also change up any button or scroll on a mouse to your liking along with changing the sensitivity of the pointer and the wheels another downside to this mouse is that it's only designed for right-handed users so those of you out there that are left-handed then you're basically Sol overall this mouse is amazing other than the fact that it's a little louder than I'm used to and other placements of the back and forward buttons are a little uncomfortable to me this is definitely a product I'm keeping however I have been using the coarser and 45 miles for the longest time and it's time for me to upgrade $100 for a high-end wireless mouse like this is definitely worth it in this case you get what you pay for it but anyways that concludes my unboxing and review of the Logitech MX wireless mouse as always I want to know what you guys think so please drop your thoughts in the comment section down below and please drop a like if you liked the video and this like if you didn't and let me know why you can also find pricing and availability in the description section down below if you're interested once again thanks so much for watching this is that from tech source and I'll see you guys in the next video
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