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Best of TechSource - Volume 4

these are a little different in terms of design and I share my experience with you what with you with you on top of the world's smallest table I swear my forehead has more space than this I don't give a rat's ass if this was hand-built by Morgan Freeman himself if I was a millionaire I can think of a hundred thirty-five thousand other things to spend that money on imagine a woman of your dreams your object of desire her charm her sensuality her passion try her taste feel her smell hear her voice using the app calls nice and I know you guys over the cable management looks like last night's leftover spaghetti which means in this video I will be including the most overpriced the computer the Mac Pro Vinson was trying to pull a fast one on us it looks like you put two rugs over the cables on the ground to hide them with the holder ginge have you tried a D branding your forehead yes Christian is next up with this abomination that's right ladies and gentlemen I don't know if this was a troll or if you actually was serious that this would stand a chance and PC wars her instincts by isolation of lactic acid bacteria from her vagina a laboratory isolates and multiplies the bacteria in a safe way I think I've got gsella had a PC this would be it and finally the dimensions of the photo are less than 1920 by 1080 plee plee plee so without wasting any more time whether she'll begin no no no stop Kyle Oh Kyle oh dude I told you it's let the set up wars begin now let the show let us set up wars begin a number three we have Marcus and he and an M 65 RGB mouse on top of the extended mouse pad from Goro flump flump flump and the left being a basic 60 Hertz 1080p monitor I honestly didn't even care about the horrible cable management or even the fact that there is a blue and red LED fan up top but what was so damn interesting was this sli bridge that's just hanging from the GPU I don't mean to crap on your parade but adding an SLI bridge to your GPU doesn't make it go faster is that a spongebob cup what are you seven years old on top of the extended mousepad flaw McGann got what what what is fum there is no L in there
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