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Best of Techsource - Volume 5

in 4k resolution the difference is marginal why do you use Windows and not Mac breath ladies and gentlemen do I have a treat for you so not only this week Jesus considering it's a heavily overclocked card in terms of temps what in Neptune's moon is this I'm honestly curious about the benchmark scroll my blog 40 2428 what's up guys it's a from tech source and what I had would you rather never have sex or never be able to touch or have technology phones PC parts etc that is a very evil question Katie I guess I'm gonna have to be best friends in my hand again I'm curious about the build quality black and white dxracer chair at Jesus Christ are all of those shoes how are you so cool Thank You Johnny so much that I am flattered my air conditioner helps a lot we have the usual Signum rack holding up the cable what wait a minute you didn't leave a like on my video hello darkness my old friend I've come to talk with you again a few things I don't like about this case is the fact that the bumper does not sit flesh flesh flesh can you be my daddy well depends is your mom Jessica Alba what's up guys is Ed from Texas as always welcome to another setup wars episode youtuber what the hell am I saying
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