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Better Reception For Your Smartphone | Weboost Eqo Review

what's up guys is that back again with Texas and in this video we're going to be taking a look at the echo from we boost now we boost claims that the echo can make your wireless carrier signal up to 32 times stronger this is basically we boost introduction of a consumer level signal booster the unit's themselves are super glossy and scratch pretty easily so I would definitely take care when handling them setup is real easy put the booster near a window making sure it's placed in a location with the best reception positioned the antenna six feet away facing it the same way as the booster and plug in all the included cables and you're done once the light turns solid green you're all set up and you should start to receive up to 32 times better reception when we turned on the echo we noticed an immediate difference in both the number of bars we had as well as the speed of our connection going into this I was skeptical but the echo actually helped almost double our download speed which is crazy what's cool about the echo was that it works with any phone and any carrier so if you do plan on picking one up for yourself it's a pretty solid investment and I consider to say more of an upgrade to my house than anything else however the 350 dollar price tag does seem a little steep and I would only recommend this product to someone who has very poor indoor cellular connection and experiences dropped calls and slow internet speeds if you fall into this category and f-350 dollars just lying around i would recommend you to take reboost on their offer of a 30-day return policy and try the echo for yourself but that basically wraps it up thank you guys so much for watching this is that from tech source and I will see you in the next video
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