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Bitdefender Total Security 2019 - Overview

what's happening is a from tech source this video is gonna be a little different compared to the other videos I've done on the channel it is sponsored by bitdefender and it's one of the sponsored videos that I was referring to in my previous video about the incident so any type of support you guys show through this video whether it's liking or dropping positive feedback in the comment section would be greatly appreciated but with that said let's begin the video when it comes to cybersecurity or malware protection you really want to be careful on what programs you trust on your computer the right application will not only protect your device and privacy but it will also do that without slowing down your Mac or PC since a lot of our valuable information live on our devices nowadays it has become a necessity to keep these files secured after all 3.9 new forms of malware are discovered every second and the light of this I found that the bitdefender's suite of security solutions to work best trusted by over 500 million users it's been awarded product of the year from av-comparatives and has also been recognized by av-test for best protection and performance so in this video we'll be doing a walkthrough of bitdefender's total security 2019 on windows I will be doing a giveaway of BitDefender software a bit later in the video so make sure you stay tuned for that the latest version of the software provides you with the best anti-malware protection against a threats on Windows as well as Mac OS Android and iOS so when you install a program you'll notice that the user interface is actually a lot more simplistic and intuitive than most antivirus programs out there upon launching it you will be greeted with the dashboard this offers quick access to features such as quick scan a VPN and safe pay you can easily install the total security 2019 suite on another device from here as well what makes dashboard so great is that it's designed to act as a user friendly hub for your most used utilities you can choose up to five of the quick actions you would like presented here what I like most is that the defender includes a VPN service that all rightly encrypts Internet traffic on whatever device that I use this allows me to keep the location and browsing from anonymous on top of protecting any data that I am sending or receiving so if you're someone that frequently relies on working on a public network away from home then the bit vendor VPN would be especially useful for you on the sidebar are several additional menu options including protection privacy and utilities each menu has its array of features and the first one we'll be looking at is the quick scan this process runs a scan of any malware that could affect the most important files on your machine BitDefender total security 2019 can protect you against viruses worms Trojans ransomware zero-day exploits rootkits and spyware this online threat prevention will also block malicious urls carrying exploits now these processes will continue to remain running on your background while your PC is on but it will not negatively impact your performance so the next feature we're going to be going over is the protection tab here you'll find an array of customizable anti features including a firewall anti-spam file protector threat prevention save files and even a ransomware remediation feature this feature alone is key for ransomware prevention because it detects ransomware behavior and blocks any execution of that program it also automatically rolls back changes to your files in real time this works for any ransomware attack new or old and finally in the privacy tab you also find a handy password manager the Defender total security 2019 also includes network threat prevention backed by new technologies included in the software suspicious Network level activity will be analysed and identified with that requiring user input for example vulnerabilities presented on your device can be stopped before they are exploited now there are other security measures that take place to protect what would seem like a secured computer such as detecting and blocking brute-force attempts at guessing passwords restricting from being compromised in a malware or botnet attack and prohibit any information to be sent in an encrypted format paratha control is offered with a filter to block out inappropriate content and limit screen time for in the users on any supported device now this can all be accessed through the BitDefender central website or mobile app on Android or iOS through the app you can also manage notifications about blocked threats check security status and view approved apps across your devices this is actually a huge feature for parents that want to monitor and restrict their children's viewed content bitdefender's autopilot is an always-on feature that acts as a personal guide to help you keep your computer secure even if it is not at a risk of an e threat users can also discover additional security measures they can take depending on their specific needs now at the top of the dashboard there are recommendations of actions for you to act upon to a lab BitDefender to keep your computer protected depending on how well your computer is protected you may see a few of the auto pilot recommendations or even more these can alert you to tasks that can ensure your computer is running optimally and reduce the risk of an attack some of these include keeping windows up to date making your account password stronger or running the startup optimizer to improve boot times but defender also provides users with comprehensive 24/7 support and you can even receive help and phone call or online chat with a BitDefender representative as I mentioned before I'm giving away licenses to a six month subscription to bitdefender's total security 2019 so this is for new users only and cannot be used to extend any active subscription so all you have to do is click on the link down below and it'll take you to a page just follow the instructions on there once complete you'll get an email that will show you how to install the program I do want to give each things to BitDefender for accepting my collaborative proposal to work with them and bring you guys this video thanks again for watching as always and I'll see you in the next one [Laughter]
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