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Black Friday Tech Deals (2018)

Black Friday is around the corner you guys and if you're smart enough you'll skip those ridiculous lines outside and you will buy your tech online like the rest of us in this video I'm gonna go over some awesome deals on some of my favorite tech out there and I'm also gonna be doing a cyber monday deals video which you guys can expect any couple days as well so stick around for that so kicking off the episode we're gonna start off with the Colgate smart electric toothbrush believe it or not I've been brushing my teeth with the Colgate electric toothbrush for the past two years so when they reached out to sponsor this segment of the video I had no problem with it so what makes this smart toothbrush so smart is that a maps your mouth using these smart sensors and it keeps track of every tooth as you brush it works with the Colgate Connect app which is available on both iOS and Android and through here you can get feedback on how and where your brushing technique needs work this is a really cool because you can actually see the exact spots that you missed while brushing and did you guys know that the average person only brushes around 60 percent of their mouth I didn't believe that number until I started using the toothbrush and check this out guys my first my very first brush I got 65 percent of the surface covered so that number is actually pretty accurate so with the e-1 toothbrush you can finally get a complete brush it even has games for the little ones to help form good brushing habits so it's perfect for kids and adults the toothbrush itself is very sleek and lightweight that it comes with two brush heads which can be easily replaced another thing I would like about the e1 toothbrush is that a store is 30 days of brushing in the app so you don't have to constantly have the phone in front of you while you're brushing your teeth you can just see it with your app and then check it whenever you want if you guys are still using the regular toothbrush I think it's time to finally upgrade and switch to an electric toothbrush and I think the e one from Colgate is an awesome buy especially on Black Friday so definitely check it out if you guys are interested I'll drop a link to it down below next up on the list is a gaming PC from iBUYPOWER now I always recommend building over buying a prebuilt but if you're gonna buy a prebuilt this is the only time I recommend it because I buy power is having some crazy deals on the website like their gaming ready system which comes with an i-5 8400 eight gigs of ram and the msi gtx 1060 the system is going for $7.99 right now for Black Friday which is a really great deal because I put together a similar spec PC and it came out to around eight hundred and sixty dollars without a CD key and no keyboard and mouse so if you guys do add that to the total it will be well over nine hundred dollars so in this case you're saving at least a hundred dollars on the iBUYPOWER PC don't forget that you guys still get the standard three year warranty on these you get three years labor and one of your parts should anything go wrong with your PC now the other power PC itself doesn't look bad it's a pretty clean build I mean obviously you can split it up by adding some extension cables later down the line but it's not a bad looking PC you're definitely not getting a Frankenstein PC with a bunch of random parts in terms of performance the GTX 1060 can get you over 60 FPS across most triple-a titles and high settings playing games like black ops pipe g4 Knight you name it there's one thing I do want to mention about the PC and that is feature expandability if you guys want to upgrade the cpu to an unlocked processor layer down the line unfortunately you can't because this is a lock chipset so unfortunately you do have to swap out the motherboard and the CPU if you want to upgrade but the good news is that it is a mid tower chassis so will support up to a full ATX motherboard should you upgrade you also get a really good looking case it's very similar to the NZXT s340 you get the tempered all glass side panel with RGB lighting in the front which also has this brushed aluminum look to it which i think looks pretty cool well yeah if you guys are saving your hard-earned money and looking to buy a prebuilt gaming PC then make sure to check them out they're gaming ready systems ship out the same day and have free 2-day delivery so you can start gaming as soon as possible next up on the list is the popular dream screen I'm sure most of you already have seen this on YouTube but for those who haven't it's basically a backlighting kit for your TV they recently came out with a 4k TV option and let's just say I love this thing it's super easy to setup just hook up the LED strips behind your TV and using the hub connect the strips and the HDMI cable to your TV finally you'll need to download the app and sync the lights together and through here you can control the lights behind the TV manually always set it to either video or music mode now if you put it on video mode it will do its best to match the colors of whatever you're watching to reflect on the LED strips which looks really cool this also works with gaming also and pretty much anything that has an HDMI cable you plug it straight into the HDMI port on the hub and you're good to go alternatively you can set it to music and the lights will change according to the beat of the music that you're listening to I think it's a pretty cool piece of text not only spice up the TV but also the room altogether they do have a pretty cool deal for Black Friday so check it out if you guys are interested last but not least we got some good old PC parts for those of you that are looking to spiff up your current PC or build a new one coursers have really black friday events starting on november 22nd on a lot of parts starting with some of the popular cases like the - ATX RGB which is a very clean micro ATX case with a tempered side panel and two included RGB fans I'm showing the white one in the video because I don't have the black one but the cell is only on the black version of the - ATX the spec Omega RGB is also on sale which you probably remember from my venom gaming PC build I did for setup makeover season - for some reason that video they didn't hit everyone sub box so drop a link below if you guys somehow missed it we also got power supply deals on the CX and our MX lineup including the all-white RM 850 X which is going in big red by the way coming very soon we also got some coolers the H 100 I D 150 I and the 115 I Pro RGB which is a 280 millimeter AIO with RGB fans speaking of RGB fans the ll1 20s from coarser the single and triple pax are on sale I don't have any 120 s on hand so I'm showing you guys this but it's exact same fan but the 120 millimeter version instead but yeah I'll drop the full list of course to coursers Black Friday event down below so make sure to check that out and that's pretty much it for my Black Friday video I hope you guys enjoyed it if it was at all helpful to you guys consider dropping a like it would mean the world to me also make sure you guys to subscribe because I will be doing a cyber monday video in a few days thanks again so much for watching as always I love your faces and I'll see you in the next one you
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