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Blue Lagoon in Iceland - VLOG #13 Part 2

all right so now it is day two here in Iceland just got back up from having some breakfast and we'll be heading out to the Blue Lagoon in 30 minutes to an hour I believe to relax and then later tonight we'll be going to the main event at the Harper concert hall so before we get there guys I'm it's going to take a quick look at these little gifts I got from LG all right so let's start from the left side this is honestly I still can't take it over this is freaking crazy huge huge thanks to you for doing this I mean even have my freaking like face on these tags this is pretty they seriously went all out and I love the attention to detail oh my god they made a freaking cookie out of my face just when you think like they couldn't be any more is this crazy how about to eat myself I wonder how I taste not bad hey out of time alright moving on to the next box looks like this is basically just a chocolates I'm not gonna open here probably gonna take this one with me but a box full of assorted chocolates not bad and then we got a really cool-looking action figure which at first looks like I'm flipping someone off but I'm not pretty freaking awesome looks like I got a big hole underneath me I don't know what they're trying to say and exit out we have this pretty cool looking applied with my portrait on there honestly this looks pretty badass it's got the aurora lights down there if you guys haven't noticed and it kind of just blends in with my portrait so that's pretty badass last but not least we have this pretty cool little bird I think it's a puffin or something very cute and last but not least we have this bottle to celebrate college it was kind enough to send over a raker of vodka bottle on my trip this is like very popular in Iceland maybe guys could confirm or deny in the comments section but yeah this thing is pretty strong and 40% off all by volume and we pretty much down this 50% of it is gone from last night so we're gonna get ready and start heading out to the Blue Lagoon I'll see you guys soon so warm is not that doesn't like triple digits but it's just actually really nice how badly would it suck if I just drop my mark for right now there's like youtubers everywhere that YouTube is their vlogging youtubers over there I think all the a is in here somewhere so we're on our journey to get some beer and apparently it's hotter Oh God feeling it already the ground is actually not longer was like these little rocks like you're stepping on so I'm always walking carefully and the water that you not that deep it's like waist tight I would say right waist height unless you're tiny like yeah and that's like we are insisted I'm getting a snack unfortunately she's never prepared what you get in there sandwiches rumor has it there's a cave lurking around somewhere we are currently in pursuit tonight we will all experience the true blackness of the spectacular scale of LT OLED TV cell with 330 million own net pixels all right so the event is over now it's pretty much full-time alright guys so we're back at the hotel I'm going to eat this crappy snack and go to sleep because honestly I am freakin dead tired we have to wake up 5:40 a.m. to go to the airport right now it's like 12:40 so lonely and you're like five hours of sleep so I'm gonna be dying anyways I just want to say huge thanks to LG for setting the south of Iceland this trip has been phenomenal it's definitely something I'm never gonna forget so thinking of so much for that this entire all that campaign was amazing super awesome TVs if you guys want to check them out I'll drop a link to them down below definitely want to come back to Iceland Blue Lagoon was amazing the city is just amazing anyways yeah I'm gonna I'm in the vlog here thank you guys so much for watching and if you enjoy sparse I believe we continue doing them again but anyways this is that from tech stores signing out
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