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Boost PC Speeds Affordably | Seagate Barracuda + Intel Optane Memory

so you're planning on building a PC and you got your CPU and GPU and most of the parts figured out like you're kind of slick on the storage you're thinking should I save some money and go with the hard drive or should I spend a little bit more and pick up an SSD or maybe even an MDOT - what if I told you you can actually save money and get similar speeds to that of an SSD by paying the price of a hard drive I'm sure some of you already heard of it it's called octane memory where we basically combine the Intel memory module with a hard drive to increase the speed of the hard drive so in this case the memory module we are using is 16 gigs which will cost you 150 bucks and a 4 terabyte hard drive which cost a little over $800 this puts you at a total of 166 dollars now if you were to buy a 4 terabyte SSD it's going to cost you a little bit let's just say it's not even worth it even if you guys buy 4 separate one terabyte SSDs you're looking at close to at least $1000 anyways with the octane memory combination not only do you get similar speeds of an SSD but you get way more storage imagine you guys have an 8 terabyte SSD right inside your PC that's kind of what this is all about you get SSD speeds much higher capacities but at a hard drive price I also want to thank Intel and Seagate we're saying these parts in and sponsoring this video so that I can test these claims and see if it's really true I also have some extra hardware which I'll be giving away so make sure you guys stick around to the end if you are interested also guys keep in mind that you need a motherboard that's octane memory ready and has Windows 10 64 bit installed so basically you will need a keyblade processor as well as a compatible motherboard currently the only chips us that it supports are 270 and 250 but you guys have to make sure to check with your motherboard manufacturer it's also labeled right on the box some other boards may even need their BIOS flash in order to support opt in memory so be sure to have that updated as well you also need an m2 slot so how it works is simple once you have your hard drive plugged up to your PC you will need to install the option memory module right on your motherboard now if your MDOT Siuslaw comes with a shield simply pop it open and enter the module inside @m screws in place after that it's a matter of prepping the BIOS and following the on-screen instructions to set up everything I strongly recommend you guys to watch the tutorial video that way you don't run into any problems installing this in your PC I'll jump a link to a few of them down below alright so how fast is this Intel op 10 memory module combined with a hard drive compared to just a regular hard drive by itself well it'll be comparing transfer speeds boot up times we'll be launching a few applications as well as some games and here are my findings alright so starting off with the boot time as you can see a significant decrease from 40 seconds all the way down to 18 seconds the time literally got cut intact launching programs like Word or Excel takes about two seconds on the octane memory and hard drive combination which is a lot quicker than the standalone hard drive transfer speeds were also improved significantly so I transferred 11 gigs worth of 4k files and accelerate the hard drive finished it in a minute and 17 seconds compared to almost three minutes from the standalone hard drive opening up editing programs like Vegas Pro 14 took only one third of the time and launching Chrome was practically instant compared to two seconds on a hard drive even searching files within Windows is a lot faster it took 19 seconds to find a file I was searching for from the start menu compared to 47 seconds on the hard drive and then I tested a bunch of games by starting it up and also loaded a few games so you guys will notice that the speed than most of the games are nearly half of the speeds compared to the hard drive whether you are launching the game or loading a save game you will notice a substantial difference in lo times so in conclusion it's actually a pretty simple one if you guys already own hardware that's compatible with Intel octane memory it just doesn't make sense to not take advantage of those extra speeds all you have to do is pick up and all you have to do is pick up an Intel obtain memory module which cost you about 50 bucks and you can combine it with the hard drive that you already own your PC now you don't have a hard drive or don't even have a PC and are planning to build one that I strongly recommend combining the Intel optic memory with the Seagate fourth terabyte hard drive with this combo you guys get the most bang for your buck you get high-capacity storage and speeds similar to SSDs at a cost of a hard drive seriously you guys get massive amounts of storage like 4 terabytes and you get speeds similar to SSDs but at a fraction of the cost that's pretty crazy the only downside I see going with this route is if your motherboard only has one MDOT 2 slots then you have to really decide what you want should you spend a little bit more and get an m2 SSD which is a lot faster than anything I talked about in this video but you get much less storage or you get the Intel optic memory 6 and you combine it with the hard drive and get way more storage and similar speeds to that if SSDs that is the question you need to ask yourself so that is it for the video as I mentioned before I will be giving away 5 4 terabyte Seagate hard drives and 5 Intel octane memory modules to my subscribers so if you guys want to enter to win one all you have to do is leave a like and comment down below what do you think about this video what are your thoughts on combining the octane memory module with a hard drive to get SSD speeds at a fraction of the price anyways I hope you guys enjoyed it thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next one
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