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Bose Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II (2013) Unboxing + Giveaway!

what's up guys sex was back here with another unboxing slash giveaway today we are doing the new Bose Soundlink two wireless speakers so let's get started so this is the bluetooth mobile speaker to sounding from bose and this is the Nightline Edition which goes for $2.99 it's also available in a limited edition and a leather edition both which are priced at 349 each so let's take a look at a few features on the side of the box the new sound link has improved audio performance compared to the last gens model it obviously connects your Bluetooth devices the battery is rechargeable and it even has this cool integrated by fault cover to add some protection to your speaker as well as it's serving as a stand it's very light compact and really convenient to carry around because it's only five point four inches tall making it effortless to hold it in one hand now there's not much inside the box despite it being large it only contains the speaker itself a dark grey nylon cover which is attached to the speaker and one power supply honestly I expected a bunch of more stuff with the price that I was paying like maybe even a cool carrying case would have been awesome but unfortunately that's what it comes with moving on with the unboxing let's get this opened up and check out the contents of the speaker first and foremost you are greeted with the unnecessary paperwork as always you have your manual here it's really straightforward how to operate this and we'll show you how soon next you have your warranty info let's go and toss this aside and remove this cardboard piece covering the speakers I'm gonna go ahead and put this aside for now and we'll take a closer look at it in a bit and the last thing you'll find buried down here is the power supply which of course is needed to power and charge the speaker itself I would love to compare this to a jam box honestly which is like half the price in size I would like to see how well the jam box stands against the sound link so if you guys want me to do a comparison just hit the like button below which tells me that you are interested and I'll definitely upload a video soon so you can see here that it does easily fit in my hand I do have somewhat larger hands but I'm sure it's not much of a difference to everyone else the nylon cover does feel really great in your hand and it does also provide for a nice grip for the speaker's if you pull on this tab here the cover comes right off making the speaker's visible and you can even fold alike this into a stand which is super easy to do and you are ready to go overall I gotta say I'm impressed with the build quality and how convenient it is carrying it around I think Bose did a good job on this wireless speaker which is why we are going to do a quick review on it and you will see the link at the end of the video if you guys do want to check it out looking at the back of the device you will find your auxiliary port your service port which is a mini USB port to connect your Peter to download the latest updates and last but not least your charging port now if you look at the top of the speakers you will find all the necessary controls you will need to operate this first stop is your power button then you have your auxiliary control Bluetooth your mute button and of course your volume controls at the end like I said it's really straightforward you don't even have to read the manual to get this going so here's how it works you first turn on the speaker by pressing the power button then you get your Bluetooth device in this case is the nexus 4 and you navigate to your Bluetooth settings page and make sure it's switched on once you see on the list and click on the to pair the device you can play music or even watch a video in this case it's one of the videos from the tech source that wraps up this unboxing thank you for watching and if you guys want to win a some amazing speaker all you have to do subscribe comment like the video and favorite the video as well so once you guys do all that sit back and relax until I noun s' the winner on August 31st this is the tech source and we'll see you guys next time you
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